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    sadly no luck. I do have a support ticket in. Hopefully it cN get looked at being it is monday in germany.

    I've been doing some reading does any of this pertain to what you're trying to do? Seems like they had the same issue. Have you tried to direct connect to the server also?

    Can't seem to get Nitrado server to work.

    Yeah I have tried to direct connect through the nitrado button, arma launcher, and in game server list/direct connect. That's the process that we are going step by step right now going through mod by mod cheking and no luck. Also HC are disabled.

    Been trying for 2 days with a group of 4 guys to get our new antistasi server up. Everything seems to be correct in the config and file uploads. Anyone else running into similar issues or know any tricks? I can throw up images of configs or the IP if any of the Nitrado genie's can help.

    Thank you:!: