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    I tried this fix with a game that I currently have going with some friends. I loaded in after uploading the new .yaml file, and found the options are still as they were before. Does this ONLY work with a new save? Will it work ever with an older (a few days) save? If I have to wipe the server to do this, is there a way to get the Project Eden scenario to work in the dedicated.yaml file? Is there a line in the dedicated.yaml file that tells the server that it is playing MP, Survival and not SP, Survival? I have so many questions, and having a hard pressed time finding the answers to them. Thank you in advance.

    Nitrado allows for FTP access. You could try to log in and set the yaml file to Read Only and prevent it from being overwritten. I'm not familiar enough with Project Eden to comment further, though. :(

    Update as of 10am EST: got a notification on the Nitrado Android app that the server was performing a game update. The web interface didn't match. So I initiated a server reboot using the Android app, and voila, it came back with 12.3. Everything works AND it doesn't seem like I have to manually upload my own gameoptions.yaml file every time (e.g. settings "stick").

    Also re-read the game patch notes and supposedly rubberbanding was fixed. "Game timing improvements (SP + MP, to reduce rubberbanding)"

    Patch 12.3 was just released. Has your server gotten the update?

    Wondering if some (likely Nitrado-specific) issues got fixed...

    1. Server doesn't show up in game browser without multiple reboots.
    2. Gameoptions.yaml file settings don't "stick" unless you upload your own every day.
    3. New playfields (planets, systems) don't timely load causing players to timeout unless you change TimeoutBootingPfServer to equal 2000 in the Dedicated.yaml file.
    4. Steamapi dll files missing in the Mono folder likely contributing to the server connection issues.
    5. Multiplayer rubberbanding but this is likely a game bug and not Nitrado.

    I made a post recently with some workarounds...


    For #3, it looks like it did get fixed. "Fixed problem that loading of playfields (esp. on playfield servers) took way too long leading to a kill of this pf servers while loading the playfield"

    Added 5th issue about multiplayer rubberbanding.

    Finally updated and working except they replaced the config so I had to reinstall the config from my backup. All is ok with the Nitrado World again.

    Lucky! My server updated around 2:15pm EST today, but now I have the Stuck on Loading screen issue.

    And just now, my Nitrado web interface just died (and has been dead for ~10 mins). It won't load but the main Nitrado page will. Sigh.

    so i got off the phone with the support dudes and they said to restore a backup copy to update the server or reinstall it to update it so im currently doing that, under the server settings in steam set your profile id and save then start the server and try to connect via ip and port it should let you connect about 5 min after server restarted

    My Nitrado says there's no restore backup available. :( Is there a way to save my game and "import" it after reinstalling?

    As the title states, has anyone gotten the new 12.2.3 update yet?

    My panel in the top-left interestingly shows 12.2.1, but it says "Last Game Update" was Jul 9, 2020, 4:46:42 AM.

    Server won't let me connect anymore presumably because of the version difference.

    I think I figured it out issues with Nitrado.

    Issue #1: Manually stopping the server and manually starting the server prevents it from actually showing up in the game.

    Root cause: Not sure if it's Nitrado-specific issue or an Empyrion bug but certain steam api64 dll files aren't loaded for whatever reason. You can see this in the Nitrado website's "Logs" section.

    Solution: After you manually hit "Start Server" and it's allegedly running, hit "Restart server" and it'll pop up.

    Issue #2: Game settings and gameoptions.yaml never "apply." It doesn't matter how much you edit settings through the Nitrado website, or download > edit in Notepad and > reupload, it'll never work and settings will never "stick."

    (Probable) root cause: Nitrado's auto-generated gameoptions.yaml (located in empyrion > Saves > Games > DediGame) is formatted incorrectly. It shows up as literally two very long lines of text and contains curly brackets example: { and }.
    Solution 1a: upload your own gameoptions.yaml with the correct formatting. I've attached my for you to work off of. It's 80 lines long. When you do, you have to follow these exact steps:

    1. While the server is running, upload gameoptions.yaml into the empyrion > Saves > Games > DediGame folder.

    2. Hit "Restart server" in the Nitrado panel.

    Solution 1b: If the above doesn't work:

    1. Choose Stop Server via Nitrado website

    2. Choose Start Server via Nitrado website

    3. Upload gameoptions.yaml into the empyrion > Saves > Games > DediGame folder

    4. Choose Restart server via Nitrado website.

    Note: In other words, keep uploading gameoptions.yaml and choose "Restart server" until it works. lol

    Issue #3: Can't warp to another planet in the solar system even though it uses Pentaxid and you're brought back.

    Root cause: TimeoutBootingPfServer: 180 is too short of a window of time for the game and server to generate the playfield.


    1. While the game server is running, go into the dedicated.yaml file via Nitrado located in the main "empyrion" folder.

    2. Edit TimeoutBootingPfServer from 180 to 2000 (via the Nitrado site).

    3. Be sure to re-upload gameoptions.yaml from Issue #2.

    4. Hit "Restart Server".

    Note: After restarting, the game will be correctly set to 2000 but you'll notice it'll still show 180 in the Nitrado file. lol

    Issue #4: This is likely a Nitrado-specific issue. Every morning, it auto-restarts the server around 5:30am EST. Settings are reset upon server restart.

    Solution: You simply have to re-do the above steps daily until Nitrado and/or Empyrion fixes it. lol

    Same. I don't know why this thread is marked as Resolved......

    I think the root cause is that Nitrado/Empyrion doesn't correctly "pick up" the gameoptions.yaml file. For example, if I make EnableCPUPoints=true or EnableVolumeWeight=true (either through the Nitrado dashboard panel or manually by uploading the config file), neither settings "stick." If you Google search, there's numerous references to this issue here, Empyrion's forums, Reddit, etc. Also peculiar is that the config file sits on one line (which is basically incorrect formatting) likely contributing to the problem.

    What's also frustrating (at least for me) is that the server doesn't show up if I manually "Stop the Server" and manually "Start the Server" through the Nitrado site. Server only shows up if I "Start the Server" then "Reboot the Server." Very bizarre......

    I would suggest contacting support.

    But so you know when you change slots or upgrade the system auto detects what resources are needed. If the server 'hops' it will move all existing gameplay files, but backups typically go away. But it shouldnt wipe.

    Thanks. Their Support page says they're experiencing extremely high volume so I'm trying not to add to their insanity.

    Can anyone else comment on whether upgrading or downgrading the server wipes the game progress?

    Thank you in advance!

    We currently have the "Public Server" package with 10 player slots and the "Advanced +2.60US$" tier. I'd like to change it to 6 player slots and upgrade it to the "Professional +6.50US$" tier. If I do so, will the server reset and reinstall the game causing us to lose our progress entirely? I want to avoid any wipes.

    Why I'm asking: I noticed that whenever the server hits 4gb of RAM used (approx. 2.5 hours of gameplay with 4 people), the server crashes and auto reboots. Hoping the Professional Tier allows for more RAM.

    For what it's worth: the crashes/reboots coincided with increasing Maximum Spawned Zombies from default 64 to 100. Based on what I read, others are using significantly higher numbers (200 or more) with the only downside being Client-side drop in framerate. I had ran "80" for a day or two and it seemed fine so I'll revert back to it for now.