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    Hello! Scrolling through the threads with similar problems I've tried multiple proposed solutions to fix this problem with no avail.

    Upon purchasing the Xbox server through the Microsoft Nitrado app, I went to the web interface to change the name in order to find the server through the server browser. (Server is titled PokePVP) (sorting through unofficial PC sessions, all maps, all modes)

    Server shows as started, running fine with zero errors, yet cannot be found.

    Server / Game re installations have both been done.

    Expert settings have not been enabled, all changes were made through general settings.

    On the far left side of the server web interface it shows :

    Ark: Survival Evolved (Xbox One)

    Followed by USER ID, and server IP.

    However, unlike when I started the server for the first time, it no longer displays the map as "The Island" even though the map has not been changed by me and reads in settings that The Island is still selected.

    No errors or necessary optimizations were detected in server check.

    edit: upon looking in engine settings an error message popped up that reads :

    " The content of the engine setting "user-settings" can not process properly. Clear this setting with the corresponding button. The data contains the following content: "%lines%""

    Please help