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    Axis Vs Allies is a hardcore survival server on Xbox for the game DayZ, currently using the Livonia map.

    This is a Two Team based server, there are no zombies, but the Elements, Environment, Wildlife and other Humans will kill you. Its all about survival. You will have to hunt, loot, grow, build and kill to survive.

    There are only Two Teams on the Server the Axis and Allies, you must join one before joining. You can join as a squad or single player but you will still be a part of the main team.

    We encourage all forms of interaction, the game should be a thrilling but also a fun experience for everyone. We strongly encourage role-play as it opens a whole new game to players.

    Visit the discord channel to see list of changes


    Yes but there are 3 types of backup under Backup Management

    2 types under server backups, DayZ (Xbox One) and dayzxb_missions

    1 type under Database backups

    What does each of them do, do i need to restore all 3 to roll back the server or just one, if i restore just 1, 2 or 3 what happens i don't understand their individual functions?

    what do the 3 different options do on a server restore,


    DayZ (Xbox One),

    Database Backups.

    Everyone is dated each day, if i restore one how does that affect the server. Thanks

    Got a server for DayZ on Xbox Saturday and still doesn't seem to be active, it shows in dashboard but not showing any files in the file browser section. I can change Settings like name etc but not find it in game. It also keeps stopping.

    Is there a time scale before server is active or are there issues?