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    Да такая же фигня. Около недели разбирался почему сервер не отображается, потом с горем пополам выяснил, что это из-за русской локализации.

    The problem is when switching the server language to Russian. I've already checked it 3 times. If the server language is English, everything works fine and the server appears in the list of servers. If the server language is Russian, the server is not displayed in the list of servers.

    При внесении изменений в настройки сервера, я его выключаю, вношу изменения, после нажимаю старт сервера. Пробовал вносить изменения когда сервер включен, потом нажимал рестарт. Все равно сервер мой не видно, в обоих случаях.

    When I make changes to the server settings, I disable it, make changes,and then click start server. I tried to make changes when the server is turned on, and then clicked Restart. My server is still not visible, in both cases.

    In General the problem is this:
    1) after reinstalling the server, the server is visible in the list of servers, but only if you do not change any server settings.
    2) I Turn off the server and proceed to configuring the server.
    3) in the server settings, set: - Russian language, - Changing the difficulty to 5.0 - Dino timing on 5.0
    - Map of Ragnarok
    - Adding a scope
    - Adding the player's display on the map
    4) Click start server.
    5) the Server is not displayed in the list of servers during these changes and cannot be found.

    Please solve the problem.

    Good afternoon. ARK server: Survival Evolved (Xbox One). The server is active, but it is not displayed in the list of servers. Server filter: official PC sessions. CrossArk is enabled. I'm looking for the server via XBOX and via PC ARK from the Microsoft Store. Help me find my server. I apologize for my English writing through a translator.