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    Hi, I'm having trouble finding a way to change the imprint timer as I have raising on 10x and I am unable to imprint most dinos as the timer is 8 hours and it takes less than that to raise. Is there a way to change the time you in which you can imprint your dinos from 8 hours?

    Thanks so much this has worked, I have spent ages trying to figure this out really appreciate the quick and helpful response I'll be giving these services a good review about their staff :thumbup:

    I have tried that command they re spawn at the same level for the 0.5 difficulty. I have also tried restarting every couple of hours over 15 hours and even stopping and starting nothing has seemed to work. I am really confused with this as I've tested on singleplayer the 2 difficulty on the island should be spawning 150 dinos.

    Hi, I have tried changing the difficulty offset of my ark server and it doesn't seem to be changing I've given the server 12 hours to update the difficulty level however nothing has changed I'm not sure what I've done wrong for this to happen the difficulty offset was changed from 0.5 to 2 with the override changed from 1 to 0 could anyone help me solve this issue?

    Thanks really appreciate the help been messing around with it for a bit and could never seem to figure it out haha.

    Hi, I am having trouble setting the game difficulty for my server so it has official dino levels. I have tried setting the offset difficulty to different numbers such as 0, 1, 1.2857 and 5 and none of them seem to work. I am looking for dinos to go up in increments of 5 from level 5 to 150 could someone help me with this? I own a server on Xbox One.

    I'm wondering whether I am able to rent a nitrado server for Ark: Survival Evolved (Xbox one) With 4 slots for 30 days as there is only preset options in the xbox app, however on the website I am able to do this for the PC version of Ark so I am wondering if it is possible to have this for the Xbox version?