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    I can run the scenario from my home PC, but I need to alter the command the server executes if I want the server to host the scenario :-

    --start-server-load-scenario NAME

    Also with 0.17 the "admin list" has been moved out of the server_settings file and into its own dedicated file which needs another flag to be set on the server startup :-

    --server-adminlist FILE

    How can I get my server to accept additional command line arguments ? Currently I can see from the logs it run this command when starting the server.

    1. 0.100 Program arguments: "/mnt/bin/x64/factorio" "--server-settings" "/mnt/data/server-settings.json" "--port" "13400" "--rcon-port" "13410" "--rcon-password" <private> "--start-server" "saves/"

    From REDDIT…_on_headless_linux_sever/ .. I need to add --start-server-load-scenario NAME to the startup command if I want my server to start a scenario.

    Can anyone help ?