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    The game has its own auto saves as you already brought up. It continues to overwrite, as so does your profiles. You can install apps on your pc if you want a schedule of backups via FTP.

    Or you can use FTP to make manual backups to your local pc.

    oh ok perfect then I shall use the command provided for now as it serves what I need atm.

    Thank you!

    Hi everyone,

    My friend and I recently purchased an ARK server and got everything working. Before we start really playing we would like to know if it is possible to automate backups? Preferably every 2hours and only keep recent ones(between 1-2 days).

    I know there is a setting in the Gameusersettings.ini called;


    However my concern is that is there a limit as to how much I can store? Also how can I only keep recent backups? :/

    Thanks and have a good day.