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    Bought the server last night and set it up. Paid extra for more memory. Spent several hours like the rest of you trying to get it to work. Then I checked a competitor and had a server set up from scratch in less than 30 minutes and am currently logged into Fjordur with no issues. I have alot of Nintrado servers going back several years, but this and a few other recent and past issues is really giving me pause.

    Thanks for the response. So here's the problem. The Last Oasis server settings only has two options: "User Identifier" and "Server Description". The first suggests a link to get a key to link your Steam Account to the server. The link takes you to another link that takes you to a Steam login which takes you to a page that denies you access. The denial suggests you should start the game to create or link your game account, but when you do so, there's no method of creating or linking anything. So in short, there is no way to get a key to put into "User Identifier".

    As for "Server Description", I guess this is for naming the server? I don't know. What I do know is that I can't set a password, as that's not one of the options. But that doesn't matter, because I can't get on my server anyway, and I guess no one else can either, though I have no way of knowing one way or the other.

    In short, I get that this is a new game and a new server configuration. But I also understand that this was supposed to be ready weeks ago and the reason for the delay was the developers issues with their server code on the official servers, which would also affect the game working with private servers. I'm not concerned with the devs or the game per se at this point. I'm concerned with the private server I'm renting from Nintrado.

    Nintrado has had months since making their deal with Last Oasis to get at least rudimentary settings in place. And if they needed more time, they should have taken it. What they should not have done is "release" private servers in this state:

    -No options

    -No password protection

    -No working way of even claiming/accessing the server for play

    They can take whatever time they need to fix the problems they have. But I want my Last Oasis server either fixed or refunded within the next couple of days. I'm not paying money for a server that doesn't work. Given how long and how much I use Nintrado for server hosting, I'm very disappointed I even have to write this in the first place. Thanks for the help.

    So I got a message that my Last Oasis server has been installed, but when I go to settings there's nothing much there. I have experience with Ark, Citadel, and Atlas servers, and none of the stuff you normally expect for settings is present, nor really anything beyond two fields for description and some kind of key or name maybe.

    My questions are:

    1) Is this how it's going to be or is it still installing and settings will pop up in an hour or something?

    2) Can we pick maps?

    3)Can we get multiple tiles on our account, either on one server or multiple (like Atlas)?

    4) Can we turn on or off burning tiles?

    5) If we swap tiles on a server, will all our favorited stuff transfer like with a tile transition or tile burn?

    I feel like this kind of info needs to be available right away if they are installing servers and expecting us to pay for them. I was fine with the delay, but we need a clear post detailing server settings and how the server/tiles are going to actually work.


    So I run a number of Nintrado Ark servers. I set up a new PC server two days ago, and as of today, it's still not visible on Steam (while my other PC server works fine). I know how to add it to Steam server favorites, I know how to set up the server to be seen in-game. It's just not showing up. After repeated reboots, I reinstalled the entire thing. Still nothing.

    Okay, so here comes my second problem and the source of my greater irritation. I try to submit a service ticket. The website won't let me because no one ever closed two of my old Atlas service tickets. These existed because I spent weeks trying to get an Atlas server cluster to work properly on Nintrado, including numerous tickets and calls. They could never get it to run reliably, so I killed the servers. Five months later, those tickets were still open. So I marked them as "solved", thinking it might let me do a new ticket (on a different game and server btw). No, still no ability to submit support tickets.

    Fine then. I'll call the service number.

    When you call in, you get a short message telling you to call back later because they're busy. I'm not kidding. No voicemail, no putting you on hold to wait.

    I rent several servers every month, but even if it was just one, this would be unacceptable. Even if you're understaffed/overworked/etc, you need to have systems running to take service tickets properly.

    Please respond and fix my issue promptly. The same for everyone else. If you're still going to take our money, you need to still provide some modicum of a working service and customer support. Thank you.