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    I have the app on my laptop but it still doesn't work just says to redeem but i can't scroll down to redeem. Not sure if the option is there or not as everything comes up grey. So i can't buy another or do anything, Honestly have given up.

    It comes up saying the redeem part but when i go to i can't. The redeem option doesn't show up and i can no longer buy any servers, i bought a 10 slot for LA. I've tried restarting the app and logging in and out to see if it fixes it but nothing comes up.

    So i bought a dayz 10 slot private server on the Xbox app but it wouldn't process at all i have paid for it. I tried restarting the app to see if that would fix it and it told me to redeem the server but it wouldn't let me or show up with a redeem option. Tried to log in and out and nothing works. Just would like to fix and get the server up and running for my friends and I.