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    There's the Server Side @CF/Addons from me and i have lots of more mods and the server is running good

    The Upper or Lower is not the Problem when u have this in the Folder then its okay but when u dont have them its bad ^^

    Yeah, well i do have them as well but the server is giving me the error anyways. If i figure it out on my own ill post it here for future reference, but i appreciate the help from you all.

    Please check ur Client @CF at ?:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DayZ\!dzsal there u hit the @CF file and check theres Addons file Keys file in there

    second Check ur Server at the FTP and hit @CF and check there all

    The Parameters are good the problem is Nitrado dont allow to access the .exe ... to see more Infos but test this first

    I checked and all the files are there on both the server and client. Could it be that the .pbo files are uppercase and as such not being read?

    I've checked the mod versions and they are both up-to-date.

    I had used the DZSA launcher to join modded servers and it worked every time. I tried your method as well by joining through the DayZ launcher and it didn't work either. The server does not list any mods as being used in the launcher so i believe it is a fault on the server side somehow.

    PS. When removing all mods i can connect to the server normally. Once mods are added to the directory and keys, the server does not allow you to connect.

    I've tried to add many mods now all with failed attempts. After I pasted the @CF mod folder to the directory, and pasted the key into the key folder, and adding the command parameter, I still get an error of PBO files not being found. This is the case with every mod i tried adding. Very stressful and renders the server useless for me since i started it with the intent of adding mods. Any help is appreciated.