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    i'v downloaded the same version of the mod : aplha 1.18 for the client side mod for me, and server side mod for the server, But they said that it needed to "overwrite" certains files when installing the mod , so i had "overwrite" like they said when i'v installed the mod on my client-side but not on the server-side, mabye it's the problem? I better have try to install the mod on the server again and see if they ask me to overwrite like they said, because the first time it dosen't asked me to do it.
    I'll tell if it work or not! thanks for the help!


    I have tried hard to config my 7 Days to Die server trying to make work the "Darkness Falls" mod on it, i have installed the filles of the mod trough FTP acces on the server files, and yes it was the server's mod files, but the server run and stuck at "day 1 7:00" since 3 IRL days ago.
    Mabye the version of the game on the server is not 18.4? But i don't know where i cand found it.

    Mabye... I don't know...
    If someone know how to fix my problem it will be amazing!