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    Its password protected now, but based on what you said, and what I read, i have to turn that off when clustered. I will re-enable it after I remove the cluster. Thanks for the feedback!!

    Due to our primary being an Xbox console server and having to deal with no passwords... Thought of doing a second server for 30-60 days with CrossArk. Our server is just a family one with 6 of us on it. Gives everyone a challenge to get what they can from the new map before time runs out. if they beg and plead maybe I would keep it. :) A couple of questions on this:

    1. Can we set that up and then stop it when the 30-60 days runs out and the server disappears? eg. engrams, dinos moved, etc

    2. Once gone, i assume I can remove the crossark settings from the primary and put password restriction back in.

    A couple months later I could repeat with a different map. Should make it easier on the admin (me) to keep others out.


    I believe my admin commands are working. Have tried a few and found success. However, settargetdinocolor is not working for me. Have tried multiple dinos, multiple regions and color options, not being picky. Just trying to get one to work at this point. Anyone got this to work successfully?