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    Bought a Valheim server and I've been trying to add it via Steam but regardless of how long I've waited "Server is not responding"

    I've copy and pasted the IP several times and still, nothing is working. On Nitrado site it shows my server is running but I'm not able to find the server Via Steam.

    When pulling up the admin console make sure your entering your password when it says request admin then hit the button once it says admin command you then Input your code you want to use. you need to make sure you actually move over and click the admin command button to the right of the space where you type the code in.

    Yes i put my admin password in and then type the command and sometimes the command after clicking enter from the keyboard disappears before i can click enter to force the command

    Hello, when trying to do some admin commands they do not work. I will copy and paste them into the admin command box and once i click start to submit the command and before i can even hit ADMIN COMMAND the box where i filled out the command in general is blank. Some commands im not even able to do because after entering it and clicking enter it goes blank. Any help?