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    Did anything ever come of this? I don't see it in the list. W as going to switch my existing server over to this game. Only one I can find that has it is gportal, and I can't stand them, so really don't want to entertain that. Is first time I've seen a game I wanted a server for and Nitrado not have it up. =/

    have you guys tried to reach out again via the ticket or call the hotline during open business hours?

    I have, I've been told the issue "resolved itself" in my tickets that I keep submitting. Which it has not. Server crashes still, mindwipes are still causing an issue, and restarting is still an issue. I'm guessing the problem is in a patch with the Genesis map itself, but confused as to why the server hosting it is just closing for no reason, also after it fails I still see on the dashboard that its "Green" even though there is no ram or cpu use.

    Same with me. I called and had them move me to a new server, but issue persists even on the new server. Not using mindwipes or fast leveling. on the rag map, not genesis. ...really is beyond frustration at this point. Trying to be patient though.

    This is happening to almost every server. It's mass leveling. If you are making a group post and getting 10 people and they are joining and leveling and constantly causing stops the server will reach it's max and shut down. It basically enters a dormant state until you force stop and restart it. This is up to a 30 minute process.

    I don't believe this is correct. I have 2 people playing on my server, and this lock-up and restart happens well before we can get any leveling in. not sure why you would think this is the issue. My server is pw protected, so no-one is joining randomly either.

    Level 2 support just got to mine about 30 minutes ago. ...been about 3 days. they re working through it.

    While frustrating, and was describing my issue in another post (still not 100% that mine is fixed yet) I stay with Nitrado for 3 reasons.

    1. They have one of the better (best) interfaces and server dashboards I've seen.

    2. Usual support time is within 24 hrs with phone support also available.

    3. When it is a troublesome issue that takes longer or they have longer ques, Nitrado has always done right by me as a customer.

    Yep, I'm approaching 72 hours on my ticket. Like I said whether turning of the anti-cheating software helped some or not, I"m not sure. After I did that, it lasted about an hour before it started locking up again, the restart taking forever..and so on. just gave up with it. ...going to be fairly annoyed if this flows into my weekend play. :-(

    Nitrado is good to fix thing. Has been in the past. I'm confident it will get fixed, but am frustrated with the amount of time its taking. I don't know if its a problem that is taking more time to trouble shoot, a hardware issue, or not enough T2 resources to address the volume quickly enough. I'd honestly be willing to pay alittle more if it meant faster service (if its a matter of not enough people on-hand).

    Part of the frustration though is not knowing where the issue is. it the game or programming for unofficial servers, a firewall/security update issue on Nitrado's end, so on. ...I'd feel better about it if I at least knew where the issue centered since it's been bumped to T2 support.

    Either way, Nitrado needs to address the length of time it takes to get to the T2 tickets. I know certain periods have heavier volumes on ticket submissions, but seems like it could be accounted for a bit better.

    well i disabled the vac, battle-eye, and switched the live event to none. .....I was at least able to log in and play for about an hour before it just froze up on me. Very possible its just a coincidence that it improved things. I'd just prefer to hear from them in regards to what, eta, or a status of some sort. Unknown and lack of communication is what drives me nuts.

    The issue persists. Now I'm timing on trying to connect. I restart, then have to force a restart as it stays at "restarting", or have to force stop. It takes forever (as in an hour) to finally come back up. ...only to freeze up the minute someone logs in....and just rinse/repeat. I only use Nitrado as I normally get good service, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. I'm not on the gen. map or anything either btw.

    Oddly enough, I wasn't haven't this issue on my server until after they posted the issue being known. You mention that it should be fixed now, but I still show the message up on my dashboard. If it was fixed, why would the message still be there?

    Side note, I'm still having the issue. Crashing, stuck restarting. Finally forcing a stop and restart. Cycle repeats periodically. Net result is its not playable right now.