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    Renting an Xbox server (playing Win10 version) with some buddies. Their interest is waning so I don't want to keep paying to play by myself.

    Is there a way to move my Nitrado server to local Windows/Xbox so I can keep things up:?:


    After the server update a few hours ago, I have two issues:

    1) I cannot see the server when I'm on my Windows 10 store version of the game.

    Yes, crossplay is enabled in my server setting.

    2) On Xbox, I can see the server and login, BUT it has been reset to day 0.

    My hotbar is still filled with the ghosted (not in inventory) items I had equipped.

    My map markers are still there, but NOTHING else. Everything is gone.

    I don't want to mess with loading a save because due to the other issue, I don't want to make anything worse if this is on Nitrado's end.

    *edit* I have submitted support tickets for each issue.

    Anybody else having similar problems:?: