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    Do I need to buy beacon?

    Exactly as the title says. Does anyone know if that is possible and if so what are the expert mode game.ini codes. I made element easier to craft but I’d like to make it be able to be crafted in something other than a tek replicator so people can use the tek rep starter I give them without grinding tek Dino’s for element dust

    You can always back up to previous save file if you make a mistake but the save files are only kept for so long before they're over written. What are looking to do in expert mode?

    I feel like the codes I bought would work better in expert mode, the owner of them even said they have to be in expert mode. However, I would like to know how to save my current settings that way when I go into expert mode and fool round and try to get it to work I don’t lose my current settings if things don’t go as planned

    Is there a way I can back up the setting I have right now that way I can attempt to use expert mode so I can try to get all the aberration and extinction Dino’s. I would want to back it up so I can use those original settings if expert mode screwed me over again lol

    They are mainly for any server. Certain animals will appear in whatever the code is set for them to spawn in. Like redwoods,swamp, beach stuff like that. If you look through the coding you can just change it to whichever map you need.

    Each map is broken down into specific locations. The only differ8would be the desert biome. Which map are you looking to use?

    I copy and pasted the code and it still didn’t work for my ragnarok map, however; I believe the auto engrams code worked because I still have access to DLC engrams. I think the locations may be off for me to use them on ragnarok but I’m trying to find out how.

    I’ve read online that the numbers such as 0.3 and so on is percentage change that the Dino spawns in that locale, when I arrive home in the morning I will try it out. So I can just copy and paste it in the engine settings while on non-expert mode correct? I’ve use some of the game ini settings such as stack mods and allow all engrams

    Wow so I can literally just copy and paste this and it could work, if it does I really owe you one I spent so much time on that

    I am currently running an Ark Survival Evolved Xbox server. I finally got some of the mods in I wanted using the non-expert mode on the server options. However, some of the server members want to have aberration and extinction Dino’s in the map. I can’t figure out how to do it, I even spent 20$ on a pdf file download with the codes but I can’t use them without expert mode(I don’t think). If I switch to expert mode which of my current settings will get reset and need to be redone. All of this stuff just goes over my head and I’m getting to the point where I was even looking to hire someone to set it up the way I want. I do feel though as the owner of the server I should know what I am doing.