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    As stated earlier, with consoles you are not able to download the files to PC. Consoles do not allow FTP.

    But our server files are not saved on the console, they are saved on Nitrado servers, are they not? So why can’t a console player download the file from Nitrados servers using a pc?

    Typical reasons.

    Example: if one uses more resources than the other. Or some sort of agreement with a vendor. Moderators are unable to give exact.

    You would need to contact Nitrado.

    I’m guessing Microsoft is perhaps more greedy than Sony. ^^

    I have a Nitrado server for PS4 Ark. I was giving serious consideration to taking a server for Xbox Ark too. However, I noticed that there is quite a difference in price for renting a server on Xbox as compared to PS4. So I compared the three main platforms for a 20 slot/30 day server for Ark:

    PS4: £13.66

    PC: £13.66

    XB: £18.49

    Why the difference with XB? :thumbdown:=O


    Despite having "Notify me of new replies in watched threads" enabled with "Instant Email Notification", I never seem to get emails informing me of replies in my watched threads. I have set by default to "watch" any threads I make. I have checked my spam folders. Nothing. ;(

    Is this a known issue, or is it just like me?


    Hide Damage from Logs (Hides damage sources from Tribe Logs.)


    Tribe log destroyed enemy structures (Changed enemy-structure destruction log (for the victim tribe) to not display in Tribe Logs by default)


    I am a little confused between the two options shown above. I am not sure exactly what the difference between the two is. Perhaps I am just being dumb, or old, but could somebody explain it to me please. Both seem to do the same job, that is, hides damage from tribe logs.

    Thank you.


    Yes, I have been using it as recently as last week.

    The command I use is admincheat settargetdinocolor x y

    X= body region, y = colour

    For example: admincheat settargetdinocolor 1 5 gave my dino a red colour for the region 1 of its body.


    Something occurred to me today regarding the timer for being able to claim an owned dinosaur. As I understand it, if a player does not log in for 8 days, then his dinosaurs become claimable by another player. Life can throw things at us in short order and this can have a consequence of a player not being able to log in for a period of longer than eight days. Or what if somebody goes on vacation for a couple of weeks?

    On my PvE server, I have ORP activated, which prevents offline raiding. However, I don’t believe this protects against dinosaur claiming after the eight day period.

    I know one answer may be that a player should lock their dinosaurs away in a secure compound before they log off, but that’s not always practical.

    Therefore, I’d like to increase this period before a dinosaur is claimable. In my settings I see the following:

    Dino Decay Multiplier multiplier (value for the speed at which a dino is marked as unclaimed (higher value = slower decay))

    Am I correct in thinking that if I increase this value (default is 1.0), then this will increase the period before an owned dinosaur is claimable? So, a value of 2.0 would give a 16 day protection period?

    Many thanks.

    It’s a known bug since the latest Ark update. I contacted support about it last week, and they confirmed that they are aware of it, and working on a fix. I do hope the fix comes soon. :(


    I currently have a Nitrado server for Ark (PS4). I also play Ark on my Xbox and I am considering getting a server for that too. However, I notice that unlike the PS4, I cannot sign up for a server via the Nitrado website; I have to download an app onto my Xbox and rent a server via that.

    My questions are:

    1. Once the Xbox Ark server is set up, can I access the administrators panel via the Nitrado website (i.e., will it appear alongside my PS4 panel), or can I only access the server settings etc via the Nitrado app on my Xbox?

    2. If it is only via the app, how user-friendly is that method of accessing the control panel?

    When I started renting an Ark server for my PS4 I was able to rent a UK based server. However, I notice now that UK serves are no longer available for new customers. The next nearest is in the EU (Somewhere in Germany, I believe). When I measure the ping latency via my Xbox to the potential EU server, I get a reported ping of about 35. Is that adequate for playing Ark? On my PS4 UK server I get an average ping of 14-20, so I am guessing that 35 ping will be fine, but just wanted to get some feedback on that.

    3. How high must a ping be before you seat to have gameplay issues?

    4. Finally; I understand that Xbox and PC can cross play on Ark. Can I turn off the cross play via the Xbox Nitrado app, so that only XBoxers can play on my Xbox server?

    Many thanks.

    I've noticed in the general settings that you can no longer rename your server or change passwords and the message of the day is also gone. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this? I submitted a support ticket about this days ago and have not recieved a response. :/

    The Message of the Day (MOTD) bug is known to the developers. I contacted them about it last week, and they responded by telling me that they are aware of it, and are working on it. It appears that the latest Ark update broke the MOTD.

    As for the renaming/password issue, I have not noticed that myself (on PS4).

    Just a thought: I really don't think bumping this topic with almost the same subject will escalate any sort of Support.

    Indeed. You need to submit a ticket to support, not here on the forum. The moderators here are not support and have no access to your account/server. Ranting here will not get the issue resolved.

    It’s under “Baby Speed Multipliers”. Look for setting called Baby Maturation Speed Multiplier.

    On the general settings tab there is a search bar that helps you find various settings.

    No matter how high you put the taming multiplier, the taming bar will not move until the dino eats something. I have noticed some dinos eat more regularly than others when they are knocked out/tranqued. Pteranodon, for example, seem to take a while to take their first sleeping bite to eat, whereas Parasaurs take their first bite almost immediately.

    Once your sleeping raptor, for example, takes its first bite, then you should see the taming bar move according to your taming multiplier.