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    I have two servers on Xbox - Ragnarok and Valguero.

    I clustered the two together, with Ragnarok as the main server on which I generated the cluster ID, pasting the code into the Valguero server CorssArk box

    I then started both servers, logged into the Ragnarok server, and visiting an obelisk I saw my Valguero server listed.

    However, I noticed I had made a spelling mistake in the Valguero server name. So I stopped the Valguero server, renamed it, waited a few minutes and restarted it. Since doing that the Valguero server no longer shows up in the obelisk. I stopped both servers, waited ten minutes and then restarted both. The Valguero server still did not show in the obelisk.

    So I again stopped both servers, waited several minutes and then generated a new CrossArk ID, thinking that perhaps the name change of one of the servers names messed up the CrossArk. I saved, waited several minutes and restarted both servers.

    Valguero is still not showing up in the obelisk, even though I get the travel to another Server option showing in the obelisk.

    Both servers are running and showing on the Ark unofficial server lists. Neither server has a password.

    Why is this happening? Why did the Valguero server initially show, and then refuses to show now?

    Thank you.

    KK, so as I understand it, I cannot have two survivors from the same Xbox account on any one server. I can, however, create a second survivor on the same server as my first survivor, if I use a second Xbox account to create that second survivor.

    However, I have a related question:

    If I have two private servers; one on, say, Ragnarok, and the other on Valguero, which are not linked in a cluster. Let's say I have a survivor on each server belonging to the same Xbox account. The two survivors have the same name and tribe name, and, of course, the same Xbox gamertag.

    What then if I linked those two servers together in a cluster. Would I still be able to have those two survivors on the servers? Or would the linked server detect I have two survivors from one account? What would happen if I used my survivor on Ragnarok and uploaded him via the obelisk to my Valguero server? Then I would have two survivors, same name, same tribe, same Xbox gamertag. Would any complications arise from this?

    Thank you.

    Thank you Rondeau04

    Also, I notice that you can't see the decay rate on your own structures. I get that is because when you're rendered in, the decay counter resets, so there's no point in seeing it. However, is there still some way of seeing your own decay timer (on Xbox)?

    The immediate things that come to my mind are:

    1. Is the server password protected? If so, ensure you have ticked the password protected search option on the bottom of the server list page.

    2. Have you selected "unofficial PC sessions" from the drop down list at the bottom of the server list page?

    It can take a little while for the server to show when first rented. I rented a second server yesterday and it took about ten minutes to show.


    I found the answer to my question above, but I do have a related question.

    I know that structures of different types decay at different rates. If I have auto-decay activated, and a player has a structure consisting of different materials, such as wooden foundations, metal walls and thatch ceiling; would the respective materials disappear as per their respective decay rates? Or would the structure decay as a whole only after the longest decay rate timer has expired? In other words, would the thatch ceilings decay before the metal walls, leaving gaps in the structure?

    Thank you


    How do I allow structures to be demolished after the decay timer runs out? I don’t mean auto-decay, but the option that allows a player to demolish another player’s structures after the decay timer.

    I am using non-expert settings, and would prefer to keep it that way. XBox.

    Thank you

    You can't use mods on console servers, but I believe you can set up what is in drops using expert settings. However, I can't help you with expert settings as I have never used them. I am sure somebody more knowledgeable in that area than me can help you.


    Having had some experience with tinkering with the non-expert settings for my Nitrado Xbox Ark server, I am at the stage now where I'd like to switch to expert settings, in order to have a bit more scope with the server settings.

    Is there a page that lists all the settings in expert mode, with explanation of what these settings do? I have looked on the Internet (though I suspect I have totally missed it), and I can't find such information. All I seem to be able to find is a selection of certain settings and their functions.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    I also have been having a similar issue. The corpse decomposition multiplier settings I have inputted will not reflect in game no matter how many times I save it or how long I leave my server off.

    Oddly enough, the changes to the MOTD and its duration change with no problem.

    Are you talking about the admin of a Tribe or giving somebody admin privileges for the game itself?

    For tribe admin, the current admin/owner of the tribe promotes the tribe member to become admin.

    For game admin, simply give the person the admin password.


    I am currently playing on a private Ragnarok server, where I have tamed a T-Rex. Me and my Rex were fighting some lobster like creatures and the Rex was stung enough times that he fell unconscious. Prior to this he was on follow me mode. To speed up his torpidity drop I went in search of stimbarries. As I was walking about I noticed my unconscious Rex levitating across the ground, following me.

    Is this a known bug? I have never encountered it before on any map, but then again I don't think I have ever had a tame get stung to unconsciousness. :D

    Hi Rondeau04

    The settings themselves, as I look under "General" reflect the changes I have made. For example, I ticked Enable Extra Structure Prevention Volumes, and it remains ticked. But those "physical" changes, as it were, are not reflected in the gameplay itself.

    I am having a similar issue of changed settings not being reflected in game.

    I made some changes to disallow cave building, building in rich resource areas and terrain clipping when placing building parts, such as foundations. I had formerly allowed it. However, after applying the changes (via the non-expert, default settings) I am still able to build in rich resource areas, build in caves and place foundations so that they clip into terrain. I stopped my server, waited 15 minutes and restarted, but the changes were not reflected. I then shut the server down and waited 30 minutes. Again, changes not reflected in game. That was two days ago, and there have been two daily auto-restarts to my server, and yet I can still build in caves, rich resource areas, and clip foundations into terrain, even though the settings show that the should not be allowed. This is on Xbox.

    Spookily enough, there's a multiplier called Dino Damage Multiplier in the settings:

    Dino Damage Multiplier
    Modifies the multipliers for damage caused by wild dinosaurs