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    No! I am not allowing this expert stuff to get the better of me!! :D

    Take two!

    Okay, I think I might have cracked it, to a point, simply by trial and error on a spare server that I have, which is waiting for Crystal Isles.

    So, I set up the settings to how I would like them, and I had a few errors, but I managed to sort them out. Now I do have a question please:

    When I activate expert settings, I notice that there is still a general settings tab, albeit with a greatly reduced number of settings, now that expert mode is activated. I have noticed that there is at least one setting in expert (gamerusersetting.ini) which is also present in the general tab. That setting is


    It's in both expert and general. My question is, can I delete this setting from expert as it's in general? Or do I have to keep both, but just make sure that they both agree with each other, as in they have the same value.

    Thank you.

    So my question is when i purchase it will it show up on the Nitrado website under my account so I can make changes there and access expert mode? Sorry if it turns out to be a dumb question. Just curious so I dont waste my money.

    Yes. You purchase the server via the Xbox app (I downloaded the app directly onto my Xbox to my the server purchase). Once purchased, you go to your Nitrado account website on your computer, and there you can mess with your settings. When you want to renew your server (or change the number of slots) you'll need to do this through the Nitrado app.

    You would need to post the correct code that belongs in the game.ini and gus.ini files.

    Yes, I understand that, but what I mean is does it matter what order I put the code into the relevant files? For example, if I added dincountmultiplier, daytimecyclelespeed and nighttimecyclespeed, (none of which appear automatically in expert), do I have too put them in any particular order?


    As the title of this post suggests, I'm absolutely fed up with expert settings.

    What is doing my head in is why do some settings not appear in expert, when they are in general?

    Some examples:




    They are listed on the Nitrado Expert Settings Wiki Page, but when I look at my expert settings, this values, among others, are not there. Not in gamerusesettings or game settings. I have to add these essential settings in myself.

    Why are these essential settings not present in expert? I know "expert" is, by its definition, for the more advanced, but surely settings such as these should be in the expert settings. Else how does the game determine the values to apply in the game?

    I thought that expert would give me not only the "normal" settings, but extra ones to play with. However, it appears I have less settings to tweak than I do with normal. It seems I am just given a selection of the normal ones, and the rest I have to go search on a wiki page for.

    I think I'll stick to non-expert as it makes far more sense.

    Is it just me or does expert actually mean "Hey here are some of the settings you need, but as for the rest, including essential ones - meh, go sort it out yourself" X(:D


    On XBox.

    I am perusing the expert settings on one of my offline servers before I restart it. I have noticed that the wild dino count multiplier that is present in non-expert settings, is not present in expert.

    According to the Nitrado wiki expert should contain the following line:


    But when I scrutinise my expert settings (both gamester and game inbox files), this setting is not present.

    Is it the case that there are some non-expert settings that are not in expert by default, and that I have to manually add this command in myself?

    Thank you.

    Two things that spring to my mind:

    1) Does the server have a password? if so, ensure you checked "Password Protected" on the server search screen.

    2) Have you checked "Unofficial PC Sessions" on the server search page?

    Two commands that immediately come to my mind are:

    1) admincheat Destroystructures

    This remove every structure on the map, including yours.

    2) admincheat destroyallenemies

    This one removes all non-player and tamed dinosaurs (though I am not sure if it will remove your own tames, as they would not be classed as enemies.)


    I have noticed that there are two areas in the settings that have duplicated settings.

    In the general settings there are:

    Prevent Survivor-Download

    Prevent Item-Download

    Prevent Dino-Download

    Prevent Survivor-Upload

    In the Cross Ark settings are the following:

    Prevent Survivor-Download

    Prevent Item-Download

    Prevent Dino-Download

    Prevent Survivor-Upload

    Disable downloading player information

    Prevent Item-Upload

    Prevent Dino-Upload

    If I had those settings in General ticked, preventing the downloads/uploads, but did not have them ticked in CrossArk settings, would they clash or cancel each other out?

    I am assuming that if I want to allow uploads/downloads within my clusters, I would have to ensure none of the options are selected in either general or CrossArk. Is that right?

    Also, can somebody upload/download from outside my cluster? I want to stop people from being able to upload/download out of/into my cluster from outside the cluster.

    Thank you.

    Thank you Rondeau04

    Yes, the settings I have in non-expert are currently as I want them. I have no intention (just yet) of changing the settings in expert any more than they are in non-expert, I just want the greater freedom that expert brings with the length of the MOTD. Though I must admit I would like to learn how to insert a code/setting that will get rid of those pesky birds that steal stuff from you.

    I'll save my non-expert settings onto my computer before I switch over to expert. In that way, if I wish to switch back to non-expert I can load up the saved settings.

    I think it simply means they have not created a tribe. I see this same thing in my logs when somebody who is not part of a tribe carries out some action.

    If they have a tame or a structure you can still find their tribe ID. Simply use the setcheatplayer true code in the admin box and you'll see lots of information pop up on your HUD. Look at the person's tame/structure and you'll see a "Team ID". That's their tribe ID whether they have a tribe or not. I don;t thin lei can ban using the team ID, but you can remove all their stuff and tames, and remove the player too.

    I fixed it!

    In case anybody else has the same problem, here is the problem that was causing the second server not to show:

    Both of my servers had the exact same name. When I realised this I amended the two server names to reflect what map they were using by inserting Rag and Val into the respective server names. Now both servers show in the obelisk terminals.