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    Is there an update for this? I just started renting a server today for my PS4, and even though I have Ark Events: Current Official Events selected, I am not getting the 2x harvesting, taming or XP as stated by the current event.

    Many thanks.


    I am new to these servers too, as of today, and I initially had the same problem. I had a password on my server, but I had neglected to select the "Show Password Protected" option as well as selecting the Unofficial PC Sessions under Session Filter (on the Join Server screen). Not sure if th sam apples to you.

    Hi everybody

    Just rented my first Nitrado server. I have played Ark for a couple of years, but always in solo/local, but today I wanted to play on a live server, hence my renting of a Nitrado server.

    All has gone well, but I do need your advice on something please.

    At the moment the official Ark event is active on the Ark official servers ( as per the Ark announcement on the launch page of the game - "Ark:Evolution Event is now active through 3pm EST March 17, with 2x taming, harvesting and XP!")

    In my Nitrado general settings I have selected the Official Ark Event option for the active event. However, when I go into my server I do not believe the server is adhering to the official Ark event. I judged this by picking up a stone. If it is 2x harvesting I should pick up two stones each time, but I am only picking up one.

    Is there anything else I need to do in my Nitrado dashboard to make this live event happen on my server? Does it take a while for the settings on my Nitrado dashboard to migrate to the server?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you.