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    What? I have never had to kill any dinos to put tame multipliers into effect.

    try it it works with me

    Thinking about it, my understanding is that Ark will spawn a certain number of creatures, and new ones will not be spawned until an existing creature dies. So if you have a full spawn and an event kicks in, the game won't be able to spawn an event dino until there is room on the map. Even when a creature dies it's no guarantee of an event dino spawning. However, by wiping all the wild dinos then the game will repopulate the whole island from scratch, and the chances of an event dino spawning is greatly increased. I could of course be wrong as I am not a developer, but it makes sense to me. Perhaps that's why I thought it odd when you said to kill all the dinos as I have never had to do that to spawn event dinos, though because I don't do that it is slower for me to see them.

    I only just started seeing event dinos last night (Bunny Dodos and their multicoloured eggs).

    Yes, a similar problem here. I am on PS4 and have installed the latest update from WC. When I go to Unofficial PC Servers, only a small number of the usually available servers is listed. Mine, and another I play on is not listed. I guess Nitrado are currently updating the servers and I'll see mine, and the missing others, reappear as the updates roll out. So I patiently sit and wait, and in the meantime I will play some No Man's Sky, which got an update yesterday too. :)

    Oh. and one bit of good news: WC have finally fixed the annoying settings bug on PS4! w00t! :thumbup:

    Regarding the events problem, I have just seen this tweet made today by “Dollie”, who is an employee of WC.

    So by stripping the ActiveEvent system from the game, we were able to reduce the overhead, which gives us more wiggle room for future content, as well as how stable the game is for people playing around larger bases/maps.

    So, there you have it. WC removed the Active Event system in order to reduce overhead.


    Unfortunately that option is broken. I contacted ted Nitrado support last week, perhaps the week before, and asked them why the events do not seem to work on their servers. Nitrado support replied that since the launch of Genesis, the event option on the servers broke. It is something that WildCard needs to fix. Nitrado cannot fix it as it appears to be something amiss in the coding of the game.

    As far as I am aware we will still see the colour dinos etc, once the update lands, but as for the harvesting values for this event, we will have to manually input those in ourselves.

    I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. Are you asking if you can only install one map at a time on your private server? I believe you can only install one map at a time, as when you set up your server, you select which map you wish to install. I understand that you can change the map at any time, but I think you lose everything in your current map if you change it. I have only been using private server fir a few weeks, so somebody who’s more experienced and knowledgeable than me may be able to give a more accurate answer.

    Have you set a password on your server? Have you looked in the right place on the server search page. By that I mean have you selected "Unofficial PC sessions" on the sessions filter drop down list at the bottom of the servers search page? If you have set a password on your server, you'll also need to select the password protected tick box on the servers search page.

    Per latest release from WC, engrams learned was going to be reset. It had for mine as well.

    WC recommendation is restore from last backup if the issue still exists.

    Yes, I discovered that too when I booted up Ark on PS4. I noticed I had notification of a level up, and when I looked I had 67 points to spend. I then noticed I had no engrams leaned any more and no points on any of my settings. Then I recalled something WC said on Twitter about a mind-wipe being deployed. Panic over for me. In fact this worked out quite good as I was able to spend those 67 points more wisely on new engrams than I had before, and deploy those points to various attributes more evenly. So nothing was actually lost, but I gained by choosing some different engrams.

    I had a notification on my Nitrado app (Android) about an hour ago, I believe, which said the server was updating. A short while ago I logged onto my PS4 (it had updated Ark previously this evening), and I saw my private server showing on the list of “unofficial PC sessions”. I guess that means Nitrado have now updated the servers :)

    Hi, I can't answer many of those questions, but I believe I can answer two of them:

    How long after purchasing would the server be available?

    - It usually only takes a few minutes, but just be aware that over the past few days new customers have been waiting for 24 hours or more for their servers to activate. This is, I believe, due to an influx of new customers. I guess this is because so many people are staying home from work now, and, of course, all the bin lids are off school. So I guess people are renting servers now that they have lots of spare time. So activations are taking a lot longer. The Nitrado server status confirms the activations are slow due to the rise in number of customers.

    Can the server be passworded?

    - I don't play Days on my server, I play Ark. But I can password protect my server.

    Days 3 and nights 4? That makes for very quick days and nights. If you want a day to be shorter, for example, you need to make it less than 1.

    I have my nights set to 1 and days to 0.3, which makes my days three times as long as the nights.

    I am not sure of the reliability of this answer, but over on the Ark Twitter page, people are complaining of the same thing. It seems that because Ark Xbox and PC are cross-platform compatible, when one of those two platforms has an update, then the servers are locked out on both whilst the other platform awaits the same update. Though I do play Ark on Xbox, I have only ever played in on Solo/local modes, so I have no experience of servers on PC/XBox Ark. I have only played server games on PS4 Ark.

    Is this still happening?

    Last night my server had a ping of 9999, where I normally get an average ping in the teens, around 14 ping. But it then settled back down from 9999 to my usual ping. Perhaps it's just a momentary server overload, or something?