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    Question 1:

    Go to your Nitrado dashboard

    Select Automated tasks under "Tools"

    There you will see a list of current auto tasks.

    By default there is one auto task set. I don't think you can edit this but you can delete it and create a new one of your own, to restart your serve at a more convenient time for you.

    Question 2:

    There is a drop down list of amount of seconds before your server shuts down/restarts. I have selected 300 (which is there apparent maximum allowed), which gives my players 5 minutes to get themselves ready for the restart.

    I have noticed something similar in that sometimes I go to hit a dino, usually a small one such as a compy, and the dino jumps back slightly before I hit it. I have also sometimes experienced a situation where I kill something, and no matter where I hack at it, I get no resources, and the corpse doesn't disappear. When this happens I have had to hit the air next to the corpse. I have always assumed it's a discrepancy between the server and what my PS4 is showing. I am not sure if your problem is also a server/console discrepancy.

    I managed to get this working today. I had the join and leave notifications set in my Nitrado server control panel, but not on my PS4 options. However, when I set the option in PS4 menu, it still wouldn't work. I therefore restarted my server, and still I had no join/leave notifications. Then I tried the following method, which worked:

    1. Ensuring the join notifications option was activated in the PS4 options menu, I deactivated the join/leave notification options in my Nitrado server control panel, and saved the settings.

    2. I then restarted the server.

    3. Once it was fully started again I went back into my Nitrado control panel and reactivated the join/leave notifications.

    4. Restarted the server.

    Now it works.

    Ah, for some reason it's still not working.

    I have the following settings checked on my Nitrado server:

    On my Ark options on PS4 I have Join Notifications checked.

    I have also tried restarting my server. However, when people join my server I am not seeing any kind of notification.


    My server is up for its first renewal tomorrow at about 4 pm. When I make the payment is the extension granted immediately, or is there normally a delay for it to go through? Also, if I increase the number of slots when I extend my service, does that cause any delay to the extension of the service?

    I ask as I won’t be in a position to extend (including the increase in slots) until 12 noon tomorrow, some four hours before the server extension is actually due. Is this enough time?

    Thank you.


    I currently have a 10-slot server for Ark, which I got almost 4 weeks ago.

    The time has come for me to make payment for the continuation of my server. I was looking at the upgrade options as I wish to increase the number of slots to 16, and to pay for a 3 month term, rather than my current one month.

    As I was going through the various upgrade options I also noticed one called "Performance Hardware Upgrade". There are 4 options: Standard, Advanced, Professional and Ultimate. It would appear that the default level when purchasing a server is Standard, and is indeed the level my server is currently on.

    Is it worth the extra cost of my upgrading from standard to advanced or higher on my Nitrado Ark server? Will I notice any performance improvements?

    Very many thanks for your advice.

    Edit: On further investigation it seems that the Performance Hardware Upgrade pertains to Minecraft only. However, I will await confirmation of this before continuing with my server extension.


    On my Nitrado server general settings, there is an option called “Join notifications”, which, it is described, as enabling player join notifications. I have this set but I do not get any notifications of people joining my server. Is this notification only for fellow tribe members, or should I be seeing some form of join notification for all players joining?

    Many thanks.