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    WC is still running the event as you see when you start up ARK. Until that updates, nothing else can be done.

    If you dont want the event you have to set to 'no event'. The only option available currently.

    I play on PS4. When I start Ark up and I get the front page, the Easter event is not showing, at least not on my console; neither the wallpaper nor text. However, it does state that there is a 2x running at the moment. But as Doagen says, if you set the events option to "no event" (and restart your server, with the killing all would dinos option checked), you'll see no more themed dinos.

    Hello, I've been trying to reach some kind of support all morning. No one answers on skype and the us number doesn't work. My server ping is 9999 and this with an upgrade yesterday, how can this be fixed? Also, if it cannot be fixed, how can I just cancel? I can't see anybody wanting to join with this bad ping, thanks in advance...

    Where do you see the 9999 ping value?

    I ask as I sometimes see my server having a ping of 9999 when I look at it from the list of available servers on the "Join Ark" page. However, once I join my server, the ping is actually very low (on average, between 14 and 20).

    From my experience with Nitrado support, it is very good. I contacted them a few days ago to report a bug, and I had a reply the following day, acknowledging the bug and informing me that they were working on it. I had contacted them one a previous occasion to do with an issue I had, and received a reply within 24 hours. So my advice is to be patient. Nitrado support are, in my experience, very good; a lot better than the support of other software related companies.

    Can you try putting the event to none then doing a wild dino wipe and see if the Easter themed dinos still spawn?

    Update: My server auto-restarted this morning, and, having followed your advice, I am no longer seeing new Easter dinos spawning. Many thanks for your helpful advice, Rondeau04. I am vary grateful to you.

    I believe it "pauses" for 7 days, and if you pay within that 7 days then the server will then re-open and continue as before. After 7 days it is deleted. However, you can have that 7 day period extended if you request it via support. For example, if you can't afford to pay for 8 days then the pause period will be extended to 8 days.

    Where do we go to submit a bug report. This has been an issue for me for the last 3 or so days and I've done everything. My last one to to try and contain the message in quotes. Otherwise this needs to be fixed. No one can get my discord link.

    I have just had a reply from Nitrado support. They said they are aware of the problem, and are working to fix it as soon as they can.

    Seems to me a little bug has crept in. I'm going to submit a formal bug report to the Nitrado chaps. Hopefully they will be able to assist us. Might be helpful if anybody having the same problem also submits a bug report. In that way they can see it's not just one person experiencing this.

    Can you try putting the event to none then doing a wild dino wipe and see if the Easter themed dinos still spawn?

    Yes, no problem. I won't restart her server just yet as there are people playing on it, and I don't want to inconvenience them. I'll make the setting changes and then let them be implemented during the auto-restart at 4am. I'll let you know what happens.

    I don’t think that works though, does it? I thought WC had disabled that feature recently? Certainly for harvesting it doesn’t work. Does it still work for themed dinos? :/

    Anyway, to answer your question, I have “Current Official Event” selected.

    I play Ark on PS4 on my Nitrado server. I have noticed that since today, and possibly yesterday, my MOTD doesn't show up either, and neither is it showing on 2 other Nitrado servers I play on. Not sure what is happening.


    Today the official Ark Easter event ended. I have downloaded the new update onto my PS4, and restarted my Nitrado server, using the Wipe wild dino option in the Nitrado settings.

    However, I’m still seeing Easter coloured dinos. Is this because Nitrado need to update their servers with the new update before the event will end on their servers?

    I know that official events option no longer works, but we still see colour dinos when the official events occur, as the themed dinos are physically downloaded with updates.

    Thank you.


    Last night I increased the number of my slots on Ark from 16 to 20, having finished playing for the day.

    This morning I logged into the game to find that the game had been rolled back to, I assume the previous morning's auto-save, that is, the auto-save of the morning prior to my slot increase. Whilst I have lost some work I did, which doesn't bother me, I am concerned that players on my server have lost a lot of their work that that may have done during the day.

    Is it normal for an increase in slot numbers to cause a rollback to. a previous save? If so, I did not notice any warning whatsoever that this would happen as I increased the number of slots. If there is no warning, why is there not any warning? If there is, then can it be made more clear to people that increasing/decreasing the number of slots on your server has rollback effects.

    Thank you.