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    There were issues with installing new servers a couple of hours ago. Nitrado tweeted that they were working on it. They’ve said its fixed now, so your server should install now.

    Further to my response above, Nitrado have tweeted that they are aware of issues with installing/stop/starting servers. I’m sure they’ll have it fixed soon.


    I just had the same problem on my Xbox Ark server, though it seems to have sorted itself out now. It was because I had restarted the server, but nothing seemed to happen. So I pressed restart again, and that's when I had the issue. Perhaps it was just a momentary slowdown of the Nitrado service.


    I experienced a vary strange issue in Ark Xbox last night when I was trying to spawn various items. The issue was that if I used the numeral "1" in the command, the admin box would remain blank when I tried to submit it.

    For example, I'd type in cheat gfi stone floor 1 1 0 - the admin box would not populate.

    The way I got around it was to type cheat gfi stone floor 2 2 0

    I am sure I have heard of this happening before. I am not sure if it's a problem with Ark, Xbox or Nitrado (I was playing on my private server).

    Has anybody else experienced this?

    Thank you.

    I am trying to Reactivate my ark server and this message pop up An error occurred while processing your payment. Please retry. If you encounter this error multiple times, please create a support ticket and await further instruction from our support agents.

    and i only have 1 day left before the server get deleted.;(

    From what I understand, when your server payment expires, the server is held for 7 days before it's actually deleted (though you may not see it as listed in that 7 day window). I am sure Nitrado support will help you with this issue.


    My server is PvE.

    I note that when I approach another player’s tame, there’s a “claim dino “ timer.

    I have been on other PvE servers where no such timer appears to be active.

    I know how to slow or speed up the dino decay rate, but how do I turn it off altogether?

    Is it only turn offable using expert settings?

    Thank you.


    If I was to delete my survivor, using an admin command, but leaving my structures present, and then I re-joined that Server with a new survivor, would my structures still be mine? I’m curious as to whether the game recognises me through my PS ID, and therefore gives my previous survivor’s structures to my new one?

    Thank you.


    On my Nitrado Ark server control panel I can see a list of people who have visited my server, which provides such information as their console ID and their Internal ID. It's called "Player Control".

    However, I have noticed that there are a few players who arrive on my server, play for a while, and yet they do not appear on my players list, even a few days after their logging off. Why is this? It would make the banning of these examples difficult.

    Thank you.

    Their servers DO NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please for the love of god do not financially support these crooks. They steal money by lying! They promise a product for a hefty fee and then give you no refund when the product they sell you doesn't work. <X<X<X<X<X

    Have fun sending in a service ticket. They have at least done one thing right. They automated all of their support tickets to be received and then sent directly into the recycle bin.

    I feel that this is a totally unfair review of Nitrado and their services.

    Nitrado servers do work. I have two servers. Both work.

    I have contacted Nitrado support three times, and on each time I have had an auto-reply, followed by a response from a Nitrado Support team member within 24 hours.

    Nitrado certainly are not crooks, and they do not steal your money. Nitrado are a very good company. Yes, it does happen that at times a server or service may malfunction, but that does not make them crooks.


    Are we permitted to advertise our private Nitrado Ark servers on this forum?

    If so, where is the preferred area of the forum?

    Thank you.

    I believe that if you are playing a singleplayer game, then you use “cheat”.

    But if you are playing on a server you need to use “admincheat”.


    I think I know the answer to this question, but thought I would check. I understand you have to initially purchase a server of Ark on Xbox via the Nitrado Xbox app.

    My question is, once the server is purchased and set up, can I extend/change slots on the server only via the app, or can I use my online Nitrado account to do so?

    Thank you.