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    I have had this occasionally. Sometimes I also can't mount a tame. When this happens I do one of two things, both which seem to work.

    1) Do as Doagen says: Reboot

    2) I use a bed to transfer to another bed, then back again. That often works too.

    Have you tried unbanning him from the showmyadminmanager command in the in-game admin panel? In there you can see a list of banned players, and there is an option there to unban.

    If you're on Xbox, call up the request admin window, enter your password, then enter showmyadminmanager

    You can make it in setting creative, when you will that player have it, easyer gcm that's same as creative mode cheat.

    That doesn't answer my question. Your answer is quite vague. I am talking about when I enter the command admincheat givecreativemode into the admin window, in-game. Does it just give creative mode to me or does it also give creative mode to everybody else who is logged in at the time? I am not interested in it being easier to type in gcm. I am after an answer to my original question.

    I am pretty sure that if you change the map on console version, you'll lose everything. But if on PC you can access your data files and copy them to your hard drive in case you ever want to go back to the previous map.

    However, please wait until some more knowledgeable than me on this subject comments. I'd hate for you to lose everything due to me giving a wrong answer.


    I am pretty sure the answer to my question is "to me only", but I just wanted to check before I carry this command out.

    The command givecreativemode when used in the in-game admin window, does that give Creative Mode just to me, or does it open it up to every player who is logged in at the time?

    Thank you.

    Are you using expert settings?

    What map are you using?

    These are my settings:



    I see up to level 150 dinos (180 for Tek dinos) with these settings.

    Not trying to be condescending here, but you don't have the two values mixed up do you? You've not put



    I am not sure how that would affect things, if that was the case.

    If you are using expert settings, then recommended instructions are to stop the server, wait 5 minutes, make the changes to the settings, save, wait a further 5 minutes, then restart server. Once in the game you can use the destroywilddinos command to remove all dinos, and they will gradually spawn back in. (You can also opt for the Destry wild dinos settings on your server settings, which is an option that runs once at the next server restart.)

    But that line you quoted from the official wiki does not say that the dinos will spawn increments of 5. The legend of those figures is as follows:

    1.2857 = The Island

    1 = The Centre

    1 = Ragnarok

    1 = Valguero

    5.0 = Difficulty Value

    150 = Maximum Creature Level

    500% = Loot scale

    I can't see anywhere where it says you will only see levels in increments of 5. Where does it say that? I am not saying you're wrong, I am simply asking where you got that information as I am interested. I have my settings at 1.2857 and 5.0, and I am sure I still level the occasional level 1 and 2 dinos.

    Yes, there is the note below that values table that says:

    Medium Difficulty, where Creatures spawn at a level range of 5-150...

    But that is referring to Ark Mobile.

    you annoying moderators i swear to god that doesn't answer or fix anything wtf. you think i would be here if google had an answer or a fix that would fucking work?>:

    Well obviously it DID work for the OP, as they came back and said it worked, and thanked the mod.

    ive been flyting around for 10 minutes and everytime i see a dino at lvl 2 i use admincheat DestroyWildDinos

    im so sick and tired of seeing lvl 1 dinos when my difficulty is set to 5 and my overide is set to 1.2785

    You will still see level 1 and 2 dino with those settings. Those settings dictate the highest level dino that can spawn. It doesn't mean ALL dinos will be of, say, level 100. It means UP TO the desired level.

    hi I just started today and am trying to find the setting that gives all users max exp straight away. Could anyone help me please.

    Though I can't help you with this, I am intrigued; why would you want players to have max exp right away? I played on a server today that did just that - I had 100 level up points as soon as I spawned in. It takes away the challenge and sense of achievement when servers boost way over the top like that.


    I play Crystal Isles on my own Nitrado (Xbox) server, and one or two others, and one thing I have noticed on these various CI maps, is that I often see giant squid and those eat-your-raft leechythings nigh on beaching themselves. I am assuming this is not intended, and is perhaps an anomaly in the spawn locations for these creatures.

    Has anybody else noticed this?