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    Had the same issue myself. Could play on server fine then randomly kicked and unable to re join, able to join other community servers and official fine. Just not my own.

    With lots of help from Rondeau04 via forums, the only solution to my problem was a new internet router. Although I have fiber optic with excellent up/down (30mbps/60-100mbps) and virtually no PING (4ms) The Issue was i had a modem and router, the modem to get fiber optic, router to do interneting things.

    I spoke to my ISP and informed them that i was having issues connecting to games online because of this (literally only my private DayZ server was the issue) they were happy enough to send out a slightly newer router.

    3 days later with a new router, 25m pink ethernet cable and a rearranged bedroom, i'm finally able to start dieing to starvation again! (happy reeee noises)

    All other community servers and the other 2 private i play on all work fine via home broadband. Literally just my own server i can't connect to.

    Going to try a server reinstall as not got anything to loose, other than that at least with Coronavirus i'll be able to play Dayz IRL in a week or 2:S

    only taken me 3 hours to figure out how

    If you have a computer you can run from your command prompt, IP you will be able to get your dashboard, atleast you can find where you connection is failing when connecting using your ISP which will help them to troubleshoot as at this point the issue is not from Nitrado

    done that and the results are 1, 1ms, 1ms, 4ms

    only reply i've had from nitrado is

    "sorry that you do not have an answer to your request yet. due to unusually high volume of tickets the response time has lately increased"

    Submitted support request 14.3.20, reply from nitrado 19.3.20. Now on the 10th day of not being able to play on my own server

    after purchase anywhere from 5mins to 2 hours in my experience.

    Dayz for XB1 can be modded, plenty of guides on youtube etc. slightly modded my own server, upped the loot tables etc.

    Day night cycle is probably the hardest thing to work out, its based on time multipliers, but again plenty of easy to follow guides on youtube, dayzwiki etc

    Server can be password protected , i however use "whitlisting" as it saves a few mins of entering it.

    On a side note, private servers are perfect for the survival side and avoiding PvP a**holes. i am however having issues with my server where i cannot connect (connection timeout) and it has been over a week a since i submitted a support request and not heard back from Nitrado

    Rented a privated server for Dayz on xbox, usual dayz bugs/glitches from day 1. usual desync, having to relog etc etc.

    now for the last 7-8 days everytime i try to connect to my server (wired and wireless) i get the "Kicked from game - timeout" ive tried my account, my alt account and a friends account, all have the same issue.

    I've opened ports on my router as per a guide i was led to by your tech support team on the phone, still nothing.

    Done all the usual problem solving (server reset, router reset, loaded a backup server save)

    Notice alot of people having similar issues and am slightlty worried Nitrado dont give a shit as its been over a week since i put in a support request and not heard a thing back. I'm a day or so away from requesting a refund unless this is sorted