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    Remove if not allowed, but I was wondering if there is a discord bot that can show the amount of runtime left on my server for the discord to see just to show run time and players on the server. I figured it would be something neat to have for the discord along with the server. Thanks!

    Hello, So just a quick question is there a possible way to search for a player by their gamertag? Some players in the server gamertags doesn't show in the list that I need to ban and I am unable to due to the cause of that.

    Is there a possible way to I.P ban someone from the ark server. Some people decided to threaten to ddos the server and they have been banned and now they are creating alt accounts massbreeding on the server causing it to crash.

    Hello, I was wondering if there could possibly be a way to have a message log file folder. I run a ark server and it goes in ShooterGame.Log along with a lot of other stuff and it gets cluttered. It would be much easier to see the game chat in a separate file without a million other things being in the way. When something happens in the server in game chat I need to be able to get to it easily and solve the problem right away without spending hours to find it. Perhaps there is already a way to do that and I am missing it, but if not it would be great to have that. Thank you!

    I have mine set at 2000 and it doesn't lag. Perhaps it could be your stats? My stats are boosted so when anyone spam levels up it maxes out at 255 ping. So I nerfed the leveling to take a bit of time to do so it doesn't cause lag anymore.

    Hello, So in my server there were people massive breeding causing the server to lag and crash. In the Log Files it just says "Tribe" it doesn't show who the tribe is or who the people is doing it. How can I see what tribe or person is doing it?

    Is there a way to change the dedi boxes item stack? It used to work for me when I put in bullets and "Fill Storage (Creative Mode Only)" it would give 1.8 million bullets. Now it only gives 180k. However, the Element Shards is the only resource getting up to 1.8 million. I tried researching and I'm at nothing so far. It didn't start doing this until ark had an update so I'm wondering if there's a fix.

    So on my server I have the difficulty level at 12. The max wild dino is 360. Tex dinos are at 420. and wyverns/rockdrakes are at 450 for the highest levels found. So as admin when people buy it what would I have to spawn the level of it as? Do I do level 360 on all of them? I've tried testing it out with wyvern eggs but it comes out as a 450 after it reaches full adult and it is starting to confuse me.

    So my server right now is instant level up. When someone joins the server and levels up, it hits max ping. I want to change it so you can harvest a bush, craft something, or pick up something to get a few levels at the time. I don't want it to be super fast and I don't want it to be super slow. I have it set so it takes 1 xp to get all levels. in GUS.ini i have "HarvestAmountMultiplier=1.2" in GAME.ini I have "CraftXPMultiplier=1.0, GenericXPMultiplier=5.0, HarvestXPMultiplier=2.0, KillXPMultiplier=1.0", SpecialXPMultiplier=5.0." What would I need to change those to or what would I have to change the xp per level up to instead of "1."

    So I just bought another map for ark I got the cross ark enabled and the same cluster ID in the bar as Im supposed too. The main map is rag and I added extinction. They both show up and can play them but when I load in them neither of the maps show up in the transmitter. What am I missing?

    Ok so I am new at owning a server and all. I have it coded from hours of research, but since it is a single server for now without it being a cluster, Is there a way to transfer tames across map without people bringing in their dinos or players from single player? or is that just for a cluster?

    Unrelated Note: If anyone wants to rate my progress so far just shoot me a pm and ill give the name.

    I got my server to show up but when I load in it says "can't retrieve address" I have restarted my wifi and my xbox and reset the server but same thing happens. Anyone know a way to fix it?

    I just bought a server for ark and i was going to get it coded for fibercraft but Game.ini and Engine.ini has no codes under it. What can I do to fix that this is first time buying a server.