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    i have a server that i stuck in restaerting.

    it wont roll back and it wont do anything.

    its just switching from restarting to stopping every two seconds.

    i have placed a ticket and never recieved the confirmation email either..

    is the London data centre broken?:(

    Expert settings pal

    I’ve tried making my own.

    OverrideNamedEngramEntries=(EngramClassName="EngramEntry_MekCannonShell_C", EngramHidden=true)

    but they won’t work

    Hello people,

    I need some help if possible

    I’m trying to remove genesis Tek engrams and skiff.

    also want to remove the mek engrams on my pvp cluster.

    I’m struggling and can’t get them to work.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    thanks Jamie:)

    So yesterday I stopped one of my servers to make a few changes and when I opened the expert settings all of the user and game ini are completely blank.

    ive tried re adding them and it won’t let me save them.

    Has anyone else had this issue?
    what was the fix?

    I have a ticket in from 14 hours ago.

    Thanks jamie.

    I have 11 in my main cluster and 3 for testing or admins to play.
    and escape the crowds of people.
    I have all maps regular building rules and then big builds maps too

    Plus an event and taming server with all maps creatures in one place 😊

    That is exactly what I’m thinking too. 🤔

    My harvesting is set to x4 on my pve cluster.

    So I don’t really want to take down x14 servers to adjust settings for this.

    I would of thought that they would affect official servers and would not affect us.
    or what’s the point in custom/expert Settings if Wildcard can change everything we already have.


    One of my 11 servers is stuck in restart and won’t do anything I’ve tried force stopping and even tried different save files with no luck.

    I’ve placed a ticket also but I have hundreds of people on my cluster.

    Needs fixing like now.

    Please advise

    Thanks Jamie