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    hello, so I have a few problems.... most I figured out.... I have 4 servers on ark ps4 that I have been trying to get set up properly for some time now..... unfortunately coding got corrupted with genesis dlc…. to make a long story short..... I decided to uninstall n reinstall the servers but this didn't work.... then I tried to switch games... I was able to switch games ut now ark ps4 doesn't show up for me to switch back to can you wipe my files please

    honestly..... I rented my cluster about 2 months before genesis launch and the codes worked much better before launch than they do now...… one way to tell that I am correct is at the dead beginning of the game. when you JOIN SESSION..... you home settings are reset.... meaning ya music is turned back on and you have to chose unofficial pc version EVERYTIME you log on...…. this is how yo know some of the issues are on there end as well. then ontop of pushing out a huge dlc the also push out to major holiday patches which screwed with every ones settings LIKE IT DOES EVERY DAMNED TIME......sorry...….. im fully aware of how this can play games with the coding since like I have said in the past the last dev team of WILDCARD didn't care about players at all.... and to a degree the new teams not much better...… there all about money grabbing dlc FAILING to realize that the real bread and butter is LOYAL customers NOT NEW ONES. new ones come and go but LOYALS we will stay that way till YALL FORCE US TO LEAVE...…. now MY issue is this knowing what I know...… I pay for this website TO OVERRIDE the preexisting coding of the so called vanilla world...… so regardless of what they do n how they do I RENT A PRIVATE CLUSTER ON A PRIVATE SERVER THAT REWRITES CODES FOR A LIVING...…… why are you not keeping my codes the way I put the 2x a day for the past 3 months n change...… ISNT THIS WHAT I PAY YOU FOR

    sorry hit enter n it posted..... so I use beacon code generator...… so this has been all a learning experience for me.... so first I added crap to cluster..... very bad idea shit adds up quick.... so I crashed the server a few times in the beginning.... so I wiped them and started fresh..... then I started replacing dinos in specific regions...… and at first I had a generic code set up for all 4 maps again BAD IDEA..... since diff regions on each map is worded diff you never know where shits gonna show up till you log on and look...… so I deleted all my damned files and again STARTED OVER...…. face palms n headbutts fukn keyboard...… so once again I reset all settings back to vanilla upload save and log in.... look around mindwipe n log out and get back to rewriting coding.... hundreds of dollars n 3 months later HERE WE ARE..... now I have 4 diff fukn saaave files 0ne for each map.... n this open even more doors of possibilities OR SOOOOOOOOOO I THOUGHT.... cause ALLS IT OPEND WAS PANDORAS BOX OF BULLSHIT...….. so things I REPLACED I reworked drops..... made element craftable in the replicator using natural resources..... I replaced ALL THE DINOS ON BEACHES ONLY to aberration skinned dinos. or x version dinos from genesis..... I replaced fukn usless dodos with glowshoulder pets. n I auto unlocked engrams OOOOOOOOOOH BOY THATS ALL A SYSTEM CRASHER RITE THERE ILL TALL YA

    yeah it really sucks for me.... hundreds of dollars pissed away due to the fact im at my fukn computer more than playing my game that I also spend hundreds of dollars just to play or in this case NOT PLAY.....and what really tweaks my nipples I obviously have friends with servers and there servers are INSANE NOT 1 THINGS VANILLA...… yet I cabt get my codes to stick for more than a few hrs..... and what goods aa damned ticket gonna do man..... im a vet. gamer and theres only a few games where the devs give a damn about there palyers and ark deff isn't one of them..... besides this isn't arks problems its yours.... its youre coding im using not arks nitrados

    So I rent 4 diff servers. I use expert mode..... every night before I can even play my game I have to reset all the codes I placed... like carfting costs dino spawns and loot drops. I spent hrs apon hrs of videos and learning.... I have wiped my servers once or twice..... but to no avail...… now 2 times a day I have to log onto my computer and reupload my settings before even logging into the game. than when I get home from work same thing..... on all 4 servers not one of the codes stick...… I have reset to vanilla 1000s of times and started fresh.... ITS YA DAMNED PROGRAMING...… yall shouldn't offer features that obviously yall cant handle..... the codes that I did didn't ADD ANYTHING to the game..... instead I replaced it with what I want...… but the damend codes don't stick and its pissing me off...…. 3 damned months of this I tired and am seriously concidering bringing my business to another renter sever provider..... I was warned about nitrado from other gamers and I didn't listen man I seriously wish I had now.

    ok so ontop of the slue of t other problem this server renter and ark have . im kinda getting tired of paying money to this renter sight when EVERY DAMNED DAY I HAVE TO SPEND AN HR RECODING WHAT I HAVE ALREADY CODED 1000 TIMES. this is getting to be bullshit...… I mean whats the point of paying for a service IF YOU DONT GET THE SERVICE YOU ARE PAYING FOR...… I spend over 100 a month on my servers I WANT THEM TO RUN THE WAY I CODE THEM OR I WANT ALL MY MONEY BACK FOR THEFT OF SERVICES PEROID......