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    can some one help me . i started a new server yesterday , everything is ok on nitrado app . the server is started . i never been able to log in . i can see it in the server list . enter my pass , and then , the loading start ans stop 30 sec with this message ,,: cannot retrieve address. what can i do . 28 days left and i never see the grass .

    yup, I started mine yesterday, same thing is happening.

    I was playing and then i lagged out of the server and my other 2 buddies eventually had the same thing happen. we now cant join even though i have already tried to restart the server a few times. Whats going on Nitrado??? i know this happened a little under a year ago on the east side of the us. Is it the west side's turn?? Anyway we can get this fixed ASAP?

    Having to same problem even though they said they fixed it.

    I rented my server yesterday and I have restarted, shut down, and reinstalled my server 6 times! I have filed a ticket, but after almost 24 hours, no new update. Is there any help and is there anyone else experiencing this issue??