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    Hello guys. my password to my dayz server is stuck. its very irritating. I have manually edited this in the files, via the file browser, then tried again through an ftp client. then i change it on the web interface, then i changed it all teh above at the same time.

    Server was powered off when i updated the files every time.

    Once server is started, it just snaps back to the old password, which i didn't set in the first place...

    Ive spent hours trying to get my mods just right and now ic ant just open the server up wtihout having to give people a weird code password..

    please help...

    dont think i'm the only person with this problem?

    Hello Guys.

    I'm not overly experianced at modding, but i have dreams of a server so i'm testing my luck.

    I have installed CF and got ZomBerry up and running and everything seems to be working correctly with that at present.

    However i am now attempting to install the Trader mod, everything has been going Okay apart from one Error, which i believe i have identified, but don't know how to fix.

    In Tutorials i am being told to add "-profiles=D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZServer\ServerProfiles\TraderFolder"

    to my batch file, to start the server.

    However because it is a rented server and has a UI start button i dont know how to "edit my batch file" because i wouldn't be able to run it through fileZilla anyway, even if i uploaded one.

    i could also add it to the parameters? i think >? but i don't know how to do this in the interface.

    I also don't know what the full Directory is on the Nitrado Servers ?? is it still D;\\ Steam ,etc,etc or is it a different location?

    2;20 in that video is where he does the required task but im having trouble replicating.

    End result is when im in my server and press B it says TRADER DATA NOT FOUND

    Can anybody tell me more about server profiles and what they do in general also?

    First post, hope it is okay.

    Im going to instal some other mods like unlimited stamina whilst i wait for an answer to this:)

    Thanks a lot, Charlie