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    Figured out a solution to my problem. When I rejoined the last server I transferred from It had a download of my character available, after downloading that "copy" of my character, I quit that server and went back to the server I was stuck on with the more recent non"copy" and was able to transfer again. I think the issue was caused because during my last transfer a copy of my character got stuck uploaded in the server I transfered from and I was not able to upload or transfer the same character till I cleared that copy off of the cluster uploads.

    Im having an issue with transfering my character on my server cluster. When the server list appears and I choose another server on the cluster to join the join button grays out and nothing happens, only my character is experiencing this issue others are able to transfer to and from the server as normal. I've tried with my character's inventory empty, I've died respawned and fast traveled, tried obelisk, Tek transmitter, and supply drops. I've restarted all servers on the cluster and checked the cluster settings. I have also tried different internet connections.

    Does anyone know of a solution for this? Next I will just make a new character, but I would like to avoid that if I can. Any help is appreciated.