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    idk man. I'm still having same problem I'm about done with ark mobile all together done paying for it done playing it pay every month to the point I cant play it. I admitted a support ticket but still nothing

    I've had 2 tickets up still. And when I get on its stopped I start it and trying to join says connecting then it goes back into stop mode and when I try to restart it again it stays stuck in restart and doesnt come out for ever I dont understand what is wrong here it worked 3 days ago fine then the server started going into a limp mode stopping its self. I'm on the ark mobile app server name Darkside

    this is really starting to get annoying. It's gotten to the point I cant even play on my own server connecting issues then the server stops I re start same thing connecting issue then server stops. I'm paying for a service I cant even use. But i can join any other server on the game but mine. Only mine seems to have a issue

    I think the nitrado them selves are having many issues that they must be working out. They could also be making a update for every one on mobile as well I say either a update is being performed or they are just trying to fix every one issues the fastest they can at this point. But every game I've ever played runs like crap right before a new update appears so who knows

    Oh well I own the server ill go in god mode and get a tame of some sort lol it's on brutal and I'm not about to fight lvl 500 legit again lol

    kinda wish I didnt extend my service because it was working before then lol I was currently collecting implants from my tames that died and poof

    I have a server that me n a friend can not join but i can join other servers no problem i just payed for extended service on it and right after i did that it's like i cant even get onto it at all i have restarted my server but still nothing have any fixes for this?