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    Yeah, this has been an ongoing issue for well over a week. Got a BS automated response today as well. It was about problems with starting and restarting Ark servers, WHICH is NOT my issue. My issue is high CPU and crashing. The message opted if it wasn't my issue, to send back "OTHER" which I did. Waiting for a response. I'm really getting fed up. The lack of communication is what is frustrating. I'm chill with the issues and them trying to work on it. I get it. But no communication? Sigh.

    I can give you one tip, dont waste more money on these guys.

    The last time I hosted through Nitrado was a decent experience. I was having issues with Survival Servers and decided I had enough, so I switched to Nitrado. Unfortunately I’m getting to this point again, definitely since I haven’t heard back yet. I don’t want to change because I like all their features but will if this isn’t fixed.

    Hey guys,

    Resorting to the thread for opinions and suggestions since no one has replied to any of my tickets.

    My server has high CPU usage. Idling at 88% with only one user online. One of my players who I have granted access rights to noted that not only does the server crash multiple times throughout the night, but when it crashes, it is going above 90% CPU. We have tried customizing the ini and doing other things in high hopes this would fix the issue. He decided to test something and opened his own server through a different host with my same exact settings/mods and his server is only at 4% CPU.

    ** Make note my server is Ark Genesis and has 10 slots. Usually only about 3-5 people one at a time, sometimes more.

    ** Also note my admin created a test server through a different host with my exact mods, settings, etc., and the CPU is only 4% with no crashing. This leaves me to believe it is Nitrado-side.

    My players and myself are starting to get really frustrated at this point. I don't necessarily want to switch from Nitrado, but so far we are getting no answers from the staff team. I have reached out via tickets and Twitter.

    I'm really hoping one of you may have some tips. I truly and greatly appreciate all in advance.