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    I have been to the support page and there is nothing there .... it brings me to the knowledge base and no options for a ticket

    it is fustrating but I have been really happy with the service and the staff.... I know they will fix it for me... just wasnt sure if it was better to wait and call customer support when they open or if they would be able to fix the issue here. i havent been able to figure out how to do a ticket.

    I am new to nitrado and tried to re rent the ark xbox server... somehow I now have a ark xbox and ark pc server. Any suggestions on how to change this?

    Server was updating and then when I checked it later on it didn't say updating so I started server and now stuck in restart loop... I can force stop the server but nothing else

    Very frustrating... Dont mind the crashes and the forced restart but the server not showing on the list is something I have no control over ...watching a server that is online you cant play... Its like making a hungry man watch you eat lol

    Got disconnected from my server last night so restarted the server which it did.... Now the server does not show up... Tried restarting it a few times this morning and still nothing... So I call tech support and get call is not accepted...after calling earlier getting an answering machine saying they were closed

    restarted the server an hour ago and still not on the list... Have tried restarting.... Made sure I searched for my exact server... And still nothing... Server runs great when it is up but this restart issue is extremely fustrating being a new customer