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    oke found something here :

    I was working with the PVEZ-airdrop mod, that is only server side.

    I red somewere here on the forum, that some one was also working on a server side mod to make it work, and he suggested to put the PBO file into the addon map.

    I tryed it with the airdrop mod.....and it worked !!

    so maybe its also your sollution ?

    1+2 : if the cars are not in your type.xml file, or the lifetime set on the cars is very low......yes it can

    in the type file (xml) that is placed in : mpmissions -> dayzOffline.chernarusplus -> db , are all the items that spawn in your server.

    You can arrange the amount, lifetime, and place were it would spawn.

    So if you want items from a mod spawning into the server you have to place them in the type.xml as i pointed out above.

    The lifetime of an item is in seconds.

    So if you pick up a item form a mod, place it on the ground and the item is not in the type.xml, it will respawn after a restart.

    If the item is placed on the floor and the lifetime is for example 3600 (3600 sec = 1 hour), the item will stay on the ground for 1 hour...even when the server has a restart.

    Little tip : if you change the type.xml by adding items, be sure you have the default type.xml saved some were. if something goes wrong you can always put back the default file

    hope it make sence to you