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    I have some confusion about the "Internal Save Game Backups". I play ARK Windows 10 version on my PC, and my partner plays on his Xbox.

    For one, it has dates in the future which I don't understand.. the most recent one says 3 am on March 4th, but right now it is March 3rd, 10PM where I'm at. My server is based in NY so it would only be one hour ahead of me...

    Secondly, and most importantly, when I go to select "Restore", it says that it only backs up the map, player location, and item lists... not config files or settings or anything else... And then it says "This will probably destroy the current progress on the gameserver (data loss)!". I am worried to use it because of that message. I don't want to lose everything. I only want to roll back a couple hours to about 9:20 pm. Please help.