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    i use the beacon app. But for some reason when I added extinction dino to the crystal isle spawns none of them spawned in. I manually added snow owls and they worked fine but a friend of mind gave me the ini code for it. Does any one else know why they won't add in thru beacon? Or does any one have the in code to add them in that I could use?

    Thanks in advance.

    yea the admin console. When I press L1,R1,X, Y to get into the console to log in as admin nothing happens. It's acting like it was disabled of some thing. I didn't disable it though, or at least didn't think I did lol. But I don't know how to check if I did either though.

    Ok so me and my wife got a server last night. Every thing was working perfectly after uploading our old servers settings. Then today I modified a couple things (name and wyvern spawns)... But now we can't acess the console while in game at all any more. We tried mashing every button on the controller (Xbox) but nothing. Any one else ha e this issues or have a fix? If it helps I use beacon to modify things.

    Ok I want my server to restart daily, at 5am... How exactly do I set that up? I know threw automated task, and I thught I had it set up right but my next restart isn't until the 5th... lol. Any help would be appreciated.

    any way to increase a wyvern eggs spawn rate? I'm only getting 2-3 Per run on Ragnarok. Would ithelp of I boosted the wild dino spawn rate?

    ok so I got my server up and running good. Today I messed with the engrams, made it so they unlock automatically as you level up. But when I did that it it worked like it was supposed to.... But when you went into crafting... There was nothing there to craft lol. Like you learned theengram but you couldn't craftsny thing. Not even. The stone pick was available to craft. So I tinkered around a bit more while I was at work. But now like maybe 70% of the craftable stuff is available to farft bit there's still a good chunk that isn't there to in the crafting section. So what exactly do I need to do? Thanks in advance for any help.

    ok, so I was up until 3am last night. Got every thing working like I want but a couple of things. Maybe you could help me with it or send me to a few links that can.

    1. I got my stacks modified I pretty much how I want. But my meat only stacks to 400, prime meat and mutton won't stack at all. I wanted all of them at 1000. Don't say prime and mutton can't be stacked... I've seen it stacked before lol. I just can't figure it out for the life of me lol.

    2. I wanted to add aberrant and extinction dinos to my Ragnarok server. I couldn't find any thing on this, honestly. I looked up how to cluster a server but apparently that's not what clustering is lol.

    3. Finally.... I read up on this on another post on here but still feel like I should mention it, my damn easter event ain't working lmao. I think i read that this is basically broke until WC fixes the issue on there own?

    yeah I've been doing a lil research here and there. I d ok not think getting the stackable will be to hard. I just keep seeing people having issues with getting prime meat and mutton to stack lol.

    please excuse my ignorance.... But for the love of God, can someone help me? Lol. I plan on getting a server today for ark on the Xbox. But I would like to have modded stack sizes and aberrant/extinction dinos on Ragnarok. The server will be for my wife, the kids and of course me. But I work 2 jobs and have 4 kids to take care of at home and only have Sundays off from work. Could any one please share there server set up with me? I don't know if this is exactly against the rules. But j honestly just don't have the time to do any research or any thing like that to learn how to do it on my own. Any help would be greatly appreciated.