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    Ah that's neat, thanks for the info.

    Not that I'm going to be because I'm not that nice lol, but I can craft enough to build, say, a basic 4x4 structure with one of the DLC sets, give it to someone, and they can build it? Otherwise they can see the cosmetics, like what my place will be, but just not use them.

    I'm grabbing a Conan Exiles server from Nitrado in the next day or so, and I'm wondering if I need to do anything special for some of the cosmetic DLC? I bought the Savage Frontier and Seekers of the Dawn pack because I wanted a different look. Is there a way to extend this to the server? Or is it something that will show to people if they haven't purchased the DLC, meaning they can see the new style, but they just can't build with it unless they buy it?