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    So maybe Primitive plus is problem here :) but there is alot servers that have wild wiverns onit :) my to, you can come to snow biome and you will see :) and check yt to , lots of videos of how people use code to spawn them :)

    I tried to spawn them in and I know how to spawn them in. I spawned in rock drakes in the Floating Isles and not expect to have eggs spawn there. But they did. Ive spawned wild dinos and tame dinos. Even I use the long blueprint spawn codes. But some reason on Primitive Plus it won't spawn.

    you can definitely spawn crystal wyverns on other maps
    admincheat GMSummon "CrystalWyvern_Character_BP_WS_C" 150

    Change WS for blood or Ember Granted this is the tamed coding but it works.
    Unfortunately I dont know enough about Primitive and it's settings to help with the rest.

    I have tried that. I have tried the blueprint code to spawn wild ones, I tried the code to spawn tamed ones. They would not work.

    I have natural spawn on The Island Tropical Wyvern :) code its easy :)

    Who said that to you? "Wildcard has hardcoded that you cannot force spawn crystal wyverns in other maps other then Crystal Isles." He lie :D

    I been on ragnarok single player mode and I tried to spawn in a crystal wyvern with blueprint and the code for the tamed one. It did not work. Ive tried it on Valguero. It won't let you. It only lets you spawn in Crystal Isles. But this is normal mode and not Primitive Plus. I tried to do that in Primitive Plus and they won't spawn. I even went in and made a command in the game.ini to get them to spawn more frequently and did the destroywilddinos cheat. I did not see one wyvern.

    On that I been on other Primitive plus Crystal Isles servers and they seem to have the same issue.

    Is it normal for Crystal Isles on Primitive Plus to not have crystal wyverns not spawn at all? As you know Wildcard has hardcoded that you cannot force spawn crystal wyverns in other maps other then Crystal Isles. But in Crystal Isles on Primitive Plus you cannot nor do any spawn naturally. I tried to code them in my server's expert mode settings to increase their frequency and nothing. Is anyone having this issue? Because I am. It is treating my Crystal Isles as if it is not Crystal Isles. If anyone knows a fix for this, I like to hear it.

    I have the force allow flyers checked on my server and I did save and restarted the server. I have a wyvern and argentavis I want to be able to use in the bog. But I still can't use them in the traditional sense. Anyone else having this issue?