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    Also to anyone not wanting to wait until next year for anyone to remotely care.

    I moved everything to another host. And that works fine, custom maps work, game is stable, no problems.
    The Nitrado install simply doesn't work, but they claim it's all fine while it clearly isn't.

    My server only works when using the Navazgane default map, but after playing for a random amount of minutes you'll notice that first weird bugs appear like not being able to loot, or dead zombies just keep walking, and then you fall through the world.

    After that you cannot log back into the game, it'll stay stuck on "creating player".

    The support team says everything is fine and they'll do nothing.

    Does anyone know of a different host that actually does care to look into problems, or simply works with the A20 build?
    Nitrado isn't going to fix it unless there are new releases.