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    You will need to talk to Nitrado Support about that. Moderators can't offer or suggest credits.

    To be fair this is not a hardware issue and that is what was rented. (at the time of the post) This is a game/patch issue. Again, talk to Support. They can help you.

    First off may I go ahead and mention to everyone else not affiliated with Nitrado. They are not the only people offering servers, if they continue to say this isn't their problem and they won't issue "credits" for the servers that were affected, you can bet your sweet butt I'm moving to a difference service. The fact is.. My server was working at 9 am yesterday AFTER THE PATCH. I updated my server from 12 to 20 players, that switched my IP address.. and BAM. Server stuck in restart. My server was COMPLETELY FINE. Go ahead and keep telling us this isn't a hardware problem, so infact no you do not owe us compensation. The fact is we do not have access to a service that you provide when most others do, that we are paying GOOD money for.

    Since 10 A.M. February 28th, 2020. I have not had access to my server, it has been stuck in "restarting" status. I called Nitrado support they told me within a few hours it would be up. Now the very next day I see the issue still is not resolved, There have been no updates on what's going on with this issue. I have a playerbase that would love to know when they can enjoy their game again. Please can we get some kind of real information on whats going on with the servers, and when you will be issuing compensation for servers affected. Thanks.