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    Update 6 days later and nothing. Keep my money and dont credit my account anything. Not like you would anyway. I have left this service as I have yet to get what I paid for.

    I have moved to G-portal and setup my cluster in just a few hours and all are running without zero issue. As a new player to your service I rate you a zero.

    Can close this thread as I'm done.

    day 5 still broke server in a loop. my ticket reply is automated which is a joke and says wait it will be fixed, calling them solves absolutely nothing. i pay for a service i have not got. like serious this is a complete joke. i cant do anything on server cant edit cant stop it nothing. this is not how you run a business and i want my =$&@ fixed now.

    4 days now no service no communication what so ever , nobody seems to want to help as a new user this is absolutely unacceptable. 50 bucks deep and its like this service doesn't even care . Even when i spook to them i had the grumpiest service ever and all i get is wait until we contact you.

    No idea how they deal with these issues in past, New to Nitrado. I don't even care about the server thats stuck in a flippin loop, its a new server lol. I spent 50 bucks so far and still cant launch a dam server is my issue. Even on phone i asked if i can just get a new one so i can launch server and he still said nope, just wait until we inform you is all i got. <removed>. this is starting to stress me haha

    I just called them cause same as many of you i been down 3 days in a restarting loop. answer i got is you will be informed when its fixed. Asked if anything i can do on my end, they said nope. any eta ? they said hope that helps some of you clear the air of whats going on lol