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    yea there customer service isnt the best, there mods dont have any real contact with them on here so tbh this forum is useless, im testing this company for a range of my EU servers i do, im looking to host 15 in total, i doubt ill ever come back to this one, im going to go for a refund tbh under services not rendered, ive already put in a complaint with paypal, they have told me to wait to see what they offer as compensation as regaurdless of the reason the service we have paid for isnt being held up on there end and 48 hours to get a generic scripted often plain awnser that doesnt awnser anything is just plain rude and displacent, id never treat customers this way, thats how you lose money.

    Thanks it clears whats going on but does it fix the fact we cant play on the game/server we have paid for? are they going to completly refund the month and let us go elsewhere?

    No angry ran here pal if there was you would know about it, 2 days for support to awnser paid services is a joke, thats a fact, offering no solution updating and changing things without us knowing is also a joke, im not angry im disatisfied big difference

    ive tried all of the above with no avail it is stuck is this (restart* loop its an error they are aware of but offer no solution, not only do they offer no help, they dont offer any form of compensation, so im paying for somthing i am not recieving and that my friend is breach of the terms i agreed to when i paid them, i want it fixed.

    Hello, first of all id like to say the times to awnser support tickets are a joke, its not even laughable 2 days to awnser tickets, im paying for a service that doesnt work, our server was fine until Nitrado *changed* the ip? i have no idea whats going on now it wont even start, i want somthing done.