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    Myself, i just delete the space before the 1 and it works. So i can still spawn in just 1 item that way. This bug comes and goes every other month it seems.

    The events are currently having an issue.

    Since an update they have been broken. Nitrado only provided an on/off feature/function not the content. Sorry that you will have to wait for WC to fix if they are.

    Do you know, if while the selection of an Event is not working, will the current Official event still be running on the Nitrado servers?

    My server is restarting on its own please help.

    Your not giving us much information to go with. Are you saying, that while you are on your server, that suddenly you get a countdown and the server restarts? If that is the case, then most likely it is your automated task feature. I think that Nitrado has it defaulted to restart your server once every 24 hours. You can change those options near the bottom of your web interface admin portal. Should be in the TOOLS section, labeled Automated Tasks.

    Wanted to add that i also am having the Joining Issue. Was playing today, logout to cook dinner, now i cant connect to my server. Ive doen the complete shut down and re-start. Still cant connect to it.

    I found my issue. For some reason, when i restart my servers, it adds a password. I have already saved the server multiple times WITHOUT password entered. Yet, if i select Server Restart, it will re-add the PW. Does the server not use the last SAVE file when it performs a restart? So since my Genesis server was restarted with a PassWord, I could not see it for transfers out of my clustered server. Here is a quote from the Nitrado Server Web Interface informing me;

    "If there is a password set on a server inside a cluster, it is currently not possible to directly travel to that server using the Transfer menu in-game. Instead, player data has to be uploaded at an obelisk and the downloaded again in the destination server's spawn menu."

    If it worked once before, more than likely its WC disabling it due to a patch coming out. They have been doing that for some time.

    You could also generate a new ClusterID on the one, and copy it over to the others, save, reboot. Sometimes that works.

    I currently have 2 servers in my cluster. 1 map is Valguero and the 2nd is Genesis. Last night i was transferring between the 2 of them with no problems. But today my cluster no longer is listed as Sessions On Cluster. I liked your idea of generating a new Cluster ID. Ive done that and updated the ID's to match on each server. I can still load into each server from Main Ark Login. But they do not show up as available in my cluster. And other ideas? Im playing on Xbox.