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    8 hours ago I reset my server for some changes. It's gotten stuck on shutting down, but server is offline and it hasn't moved from that phase (amber)

    I ticketed which I got a auto response in seconds saying they're aware of issues, and this is a ongoing complaint and may take a while, but will be sorted ASAP.

    However 8 hours passed, situation is still the same.

    No update on the progress being made or when it will be fixed. Got a feeling it's gonna take beyond 24 hours to fix it.

    I mean I've seen people complaining for a week now about the same issue, no update on if their situations got resolved.

    As a server renter, got players hounding me when the server will be up, I can't give them a response as I don't know.

    Could Nitrado issue a statement or estimated time to everyone on here about the problem and when we should expect it fixed.

    Pressed Stop on my server two hours ago and its still in the process of stopping.

    Roughly on average how long does this last for? I submitted a ticket and got a auto response saying it this issue has, been happening a while.

    If so, will we be able to play ark today or next few days? I've had 3 seperate server issues now with Nitrado, causing days of gameplay to be missed while I'm paying for a service that at this time isn't functioning.

    Noticed Nitrado added two new buttons for Genesis, one to enable flyers and one to enable building in mission areas.

    Neither work, I've tried activating and restarting, deactivating and restarting. Even stop and start server both ways. Doesn't do anything or change anything.

    Thought you guys should know.

    Seems unlocking expert mode is the only work around that works

    It's not, however my server is up inside ark still. Just have zero access to it, which is odd.

    Server: Badwolf Bay

    I can't edit it through my phone app or My account. Worried in case my account/servers been hijacked