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    I use the message system for my restart and I also had this problem before but then I shifted my restart so that it overlaps two days and they do not stop right at 24h and since it works well .

    For items attention Dayz Offlinetools crashes when you arrive on the arc, however I made a site with tutorials and hidden items but it is currently only in French;)

    DayZ Mods -

    hello this problem unfortunately has nothing to do with DayZ or Nitrado or even the PSN itself. This is currently happening on a large quantity of games across all platforms. The Covid19 health crisis has led internet service providers to redistribute bandwidths for teleworking and with the large number of people confined there is also much more traffic on the internet. Suddenly people who do not have a good connection or who have not configured the ports of their consoles encounter many difficulties. The only solution to configure their game console and their boxes to activate the dmz on their consoles, sorry for my average English;)

    It is now quite possible to modify the ps4 and xbox servers to some extent. (increase, decrease or modification of the loot) (modification and creation of events like helicopter crashes) (change of player spawn) etc. I have created a website with tutorials to help you. DayZ Mods -


    If you just wanted to modify the connection or disconnection time it is in the file globals.xml

    On the other hand if it is to modify the starting stuff it is not possible, but you can always create a type of seachest event to put a chest containing stuff next to your spawn.

    example in the video: YouTube

    PS : Sorry for my english ;)