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    so as the title suggest is there an update incoming cause i notice my ark vs isnt the same as the server and i was having players having trouble connecting so i restarted it just in case and updated my ark on steam and now we cant see it or even try to connect

    im using expert mode thats why i put that code in the post but ive figured it out i just dont know how to fix even though im stopping the server and waiting once i change it to true and save then start the server its reverting to false it wont save so im not sure what to do about that i think i found a post that might solve my problem even though im using expert and that should override everything there is a check box for my thing in general the post i found was saying you have to also check that box so gonna try that

    so as the title suggests im looking to make it to were my flyers can gain stam while they are floating still like they used to be i looked online and found a command line about how to enable it but its set to true and its still not working was hoping someone can help me ill post the setting below


    so im trying to set up an automated task that happens at 4am pacific time and the web ui seems to be utc -8 so i set a restart task for me server to go at 12 utc which should be 4am for me and its seems to be going off at 12pm for me am i missing something here any input would be greatly appreciated

    so im new to the whole hosting thing i recently started doing it so me and my buddies could play and have fun and im having an issue atm when i first switched to expert mode for some reason it wiped the server and the only thing i figured i could do was back it up and the only backup i saw was kinda old so i did that it sucked but it was whatever but everything has been fine since then until i put engram point overrides earlier i made sure to shut the server off first but when i restarted it it acted as if the structures where gone again and wiped but my characters level was still the same is this normal ?