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    Last night me and my buddy transferred our characters and a lot of cryo'd dinos. When we got our stuff out the cryos showed normal but when we threw them out they became level one. I've put in a ticket but no idea what to do. Any advice?

    Im not even asking for genisis. I am simply asking in general as I am fairly unknowledgeable in these parts of ark. I am also still new to the game. By new map i meant the map i change to. not necessarily genisis DOAGEN

    So I have read how to change the maps on my nitrado server in ark on the xbox and I understand how that works but what I cannot find online is am I able to use the same character such as keeping the levels and such as well as transfer dinos and items to the map I change it to? If so how? My main question is if I can upload my dinos and pull them down on the new map.