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    If it is a new install, you can also try a reinstall. Note: All backups will be deleted if you do this.

    Otherwise if you havent already, please submit a ticket to Nitrado Support.

    Link: Support |

    Thank you.

    Submitted a ticket. 🤞

    Thanks again Doagen.

    Sorry to hear about your issues with getting wiped. I was playing on a non-dedicated server a while ago that kept getting wiped once a week or so around the time The Center released on console. That hurt bad.

    Sorry for going off topic and I hope we can all get to the root of the problems. Have a good one everyone.

    Try rebooting your home Cable modem/Router.

    And make sure you have the correct ports open so you can connect.

    Do you see others in other locations connecting?

    Restarted modem and router twice thinking I was perhaps assigned a stale IP and went through the router settings to ensure open ports.

    Cleared cache on console. Open NAT, 0% packet loss.. etc.

    I can connect to official servers and tried multiple unofficial open servers, no issues connecting to anything but my server.

    I even had my buddy across the country try to connect to it and he was met with the same error.

    Definitely appreciate your help and effort with our issue regardless. Seeing a moderator atleast making an effort gives me hope! 🤞

    Same issue here.

    Just purchased a server last night, shows up on the list just fine but every time I try to join I'm met with the cannot retrieve address error.

    Tried every supposed fix I've seen around the internet, no luck.

    Starting off strong 😂